Ann Coulter Sums Up Why Homosexual Marriage Totally Misses the Point

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Thoughts on same-sex marriage?

I’m against it. Liberals do not understand the point of marriage. The point of marriage is not for society to understand the strong feelings people have for one another. It is to raise children. It’s to harness men’s natural promiscuity and to direct it toward one woman and one set of children.

Good point that clarifies the stand I should take. Marriage for children, civil union for otherwise.

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6 Responses to “Ann Coulter Sums Up Why Homosexual Marriage Totally Misses the Point”

  1. Caroline Albrectsen Says:

    Two men (and, of course, two women) can RAISE CHILDREN. Coulter says nothing about actually HAVING children, just RAISING them – maybe she should have thought that over before replying as too avoid backlash (but doesn’t she want that?). Same-sex couples can raise children just as well as a man and a woman can. Two men can easily have a monogamist relationship, “harnessing” their natural promiscuity, directing that towards one (man) and (if they have adopted children) one set of children.

  2. Scott Thong Says:

    I look at it this way… If God or nature intended for two men to be raise children, then why can’t two men have children together?

    Ergo, one father and one mother can raise children better than two men or two women – God designed it that way, or natural selection evolved us that way. Take your pick.

  3. Pat Says:

    Caroline writes, “Two men can easily have a monogamist relationship, “harnessing” their natural promiscuity, directing that towards one (man) and (if they have adopted children) one set of children.”

    Caroline is talking about one or more persons fabricating a mental, emotional, and physical gender role that one or both of them do not instrinsically have. It goes against the reality of our true nature, and the polarity of complementary opposites between a man and a woman who are the right fit for each other.

    There are 3 books on homosexuality that people need to read: (1.) Homosexuality And The Politics Of Truth by Jeffrey Satinover, (2.) What Nature Intended by Luis T. Puig, (3.) The Homosexual Agenda by Alan Sears & Craig Osten.

    Also, check out the documentary called “The Kinsey Syndrome.” You can watch it in parts for free on Youtube.

  4. Pat Says:

    Oh, and the only thing that Anne Coulter is wrong about is this notion of men having natural promiscuity. Behaviors than man (or woman) are capable of having do not ultimately define who we are. Monogamy is more a part of men’s instincts than they are given credit for. This whole thing about men’s natural instinct is to spread his seed to a multitude of female mates has been grossly exaggerated to mythical proportions. So what Coulter is really saying is it takes a good woman to bring out the best in a man, and vice versa. Which goes back to the polarity of complimentary opposites. The best of us is our true nature.

  5. James Says:

    The point I think she is trying to make is that only through heterosexual intercourse can procreation happen naturally as opposed to artificially. I mean seriously, we all took biology in high school right?

  6. Lance Hohrey Says:

    I feel Ann is correct raising children in a household that doesn’t have a mother and a father are at a total disadvantage with a value system. Two men raising a child in a household does not give a child a true prospective what is morally right and wrong and confuses a child’s young mine. Of course you must understand people that are gay will never see it that way they would telling you that to raise a child I loving household is what’s most important. And truthfully that is exactly their perspective on this subject because they want you to really truly believe that being gay there is nothing morally wrong with that. And I know this is the twenty-first century and we’re not supposed to look at it like there is something morally wrong with it but to influence a child’s mind to concede there’s nothing wrong with that kind of Lifestyle the child is at a disadvantage.

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