Who is Civilized – Liberals/Democrats or Conservatives/Republicans?

Via Moonbattery, watch this video of Bush 43’s inauguration day:

Now think about Obama’s inauguration.

Did Conservatives and Republicans call him a cheater and thief?

Did the 46% who voted against him riot and attack others in rage?

Remember that it was the Obama supporters who predicted riots and violence and revolution and assassinations if Obama lost.

Even while they accuse Conservatives of being consumed by violence, repression, aggression, police-fascist mentalities and Bible-inspired bigotry… Liberals always prove themselves to be the ones with planks in their eyes.


Pro-Hamas is Pro-Peace? (The Violence of Hamas-Supporting Protestors Worldwide):

Separation of Church and Hate:

Anti Prop 8 Homosexuals Hate at Mormons

Let’s Compare: DNC Protests vs RNC Protests:

From Diversity Lane:

And as Ann Coulter writes, remember also how the media bashed Ronald Reagan’s inauguration:

But I gather that if Obama had uttered anything more than the briefest allusion to Bush, that would have provoked yet more booing from the Hope-and-Change crowd, which moments earlier had showered Bush with boos when he walked onto the stage. That must be the new tone we’ve been hearing so much about.

So maybe liberals can stop acting as if the entire nation could at last come together in a “unity of purpose” if only conservatives would stop fomenting “conflict and discord” — as Obama suggested in his inaugural address. We’re not the ones who booed a departing president.

Liberals always have to play the victim, acting as if they merely want to bring the nation together in hope and unity in the face of petulant, stick-in-the-mud conservatives. Meanwhile, they are the ones booing, heckling and publicly fantasizing about the assassination of those who disagree with them on policy matters.

Republicans are not the ones who need to be told that “the time has come to set aside childish things” — as Obama said of his own assumption of the presidency. Remember? We’re the ones who managed to gaze upon Carter at the conclusion of his abomination of a presidency without booing.

Compare to the $150 million cost, Bush-bashing and racist prayers at Obama’s inauguration receiving nothing but praise and glory.

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