How to Make a Hamas Hero Spoof Video

Lol! Via The Jawa Report, uber mockery of Hamas and like-minded jihadi movements, using actual jihadi footage and voices:


On a more serious note: Without the grafted-on sarcastic overtones, see just how hate-filled, deluded and deranged the people in the videos are. They sincerely believe that it is their divine duty to kill everyone who doesn’t submit to their way of thinking, including YOU and ME.

Hamas sucks for its hate and violence and so does its violence-using ‘peace’ supporters worldwide.

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6 Responses to “How to Make a Hamas Hero Spoof Video”

  1. muslim4islam Says:

    I was passing by your page & I thought it’s good to tell you how I felt about this post! What a pity to see some educated people concealing truth and trying to show Hamas as a group of beasts!
    Irland got its independence through resistance, Mandela got his people free through resistance and you what? Violent resistance!
    Hamas doesn’t attack Israeli settlement because it loves to see Israeli blood! It attacks to scare Israeli terrorist militants and civilians who came from around the world to create their entity on the Palestinian Land!

    It’s always good to know about others before you can judge them! n believe me, media is not the only source to know the truth! coz media is usually biased to one side!!

    I’m a Palestinian student, and after all I respect other people’s opinions but they should respect the Palestinian blood first! more than 1300 Palestinian innocents were massacred by Israeli forces, and yet, some people claim Hamas is terrorist! what a pity! a resistance movement is “terrorist”! heh! what a pity!

  2. red Says:

    it’s better your try to read hamas history…
    it’s better you check the history about israel n palestine country…
    it’is better to you to count how many people of palestine died because of zionist, than people of israel died because hamas…

  3. Scott Thong Says:

    It’s better if you count how many Palestinians died because Hamas attacked Israel until Israel hit back.

    It’s better if you count how many Palestinians died because Hamas used them as human shields.

    It’s better if you count how many Palestinians in Fatah are beaten, tortured and killed by Hamas (search for Fatah).

    Better now?

  4. Scott Thong Says:

    muslim4islam… Let me just compare:

    Ireland vs Palestine:

    The aims of the IRA posed no existential threat to the British. This is not the case where Israel and Hamas are concerned, however. The objectives of Hamas require the destruction of the State of Israel.

    By the late 1980s and early 1990s, the Republic of Ireland had become a force for stability and peace in Northern Ireland and worked in close cooperation with the British government in the search for a settlement. The same cannot be said of Israel’s neighbors. On the contrary, Iran and Syria continue to support Hamas and encourage its violent campaign, offering it arms, funding, training, and sanctuary.

    Mandela vs Palestine:

    Apartheid had a philosophical component and a practical one, both quite bizarre. Philosophically, it was committed to the notion of racial superiority. No doubt many Israelis have racist attitudes towards Arabs, but the official philosophy of the government is quite the opposite, and sincere efforts are made to, for example, instill humanitarian and egalitarian attitudes in children. That is not true, of course, in Arab countries, where hatred of Jews is a standard part of the curriculum.

    Furthermore, Israel has always had Arab citizens. They are Arabs who were living in what became Israel prior to 1948 and who didn’t leave. No doubt they suffer discrimination. Nevertheless, they are citizens with the right to vote and so on. There used to be Jews living in Arab nations, but they also fled in 1948 and subsequent years – in numbers roughly equivalent to the Arabs who fled Israel. Now there are virtually no Jews in Arab countries – even in a moderate Arab country like Jordan. How many Jews do you think there will be in the new sovereign state of Palestine

    Plus, this whole Gaza rockets-retaliation problem came about after Israel stopped occupying Gaza. What kind of message is Hamas sending, then? That the more Israel gives back land to the Palestinians, the more violence they can expect? The lesson would therefore be to not give any land back!

  5. hill Says:

    then you still not understand what really happen in palestine… Arabs know it is useless to have peace with israel. it is different with IRA since they share the same religion and believe with british. that why most of muslim support hamas, not fatah.

  6. Scott Thong Says:

    This should help understand ‘what really happen in palestine’:

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