Rolcats – Communist Soviet Russia Lolcats

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Great stuff, snarky take on Communist Russia cliches… With lolcats!

Some excerpts I found especially funny are below. Translated captions follow each image.


Drat, thwarted so close to freedom’s sweet caress… I dreamed for but a taste of the decadent west, and now my eulogy is sung by guard dogs and alarm bells.

I have bested my brethren this day!!!

It is I who will inflict happiness and joy upon countless children in the Moscow Circus!

I swear I spoke no ill of The Party!

Submit with honor, and you will earn a proper burial among your fathers!

This shall provide the nourishment needed to brave the crowds awaiting their weekly beetroot ration.

Where re-education has failed my comrade, the hangman’s noose will succeed…

State-run media is best for everyone!

Make haste for the village granary, Sasha!

Our block captain watches closely…

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One Response to “Rolcats – Communist Soviet Russia Lolcats”

  1. fun fun doodle 2 Says:

    this is… stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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