Final Fantasy 6 Opera Scene – Videos of Different Versions

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Ah, that famous and much beloved Opera Scene from Final Fantasy VI (known as Final Fantasy III in the American localization). Featuring Celes Chere in the title role of Maria singing the song Aria di Mezzo Carattere (also used as Celes’ theme).

Here I gather the various versions, remixes and tributes to it that I have come across. Lyrics for the various versions can be found here. Enjoy!

The original full opera house from the Super Nintendo game, English version:

Just Celes’ singing scene from the Super Nintendo game, English version:

Celes’ theme from the Super Nintendo game, music only with static image:

Full rendition of the Italian lyrics version sung by Svetla Krasteva in the Final Fantasy VI: Grand Finale album (music only):

FMV for Final Fantasy VI featuring part of the Italian Aria and CGI rendered scenes from the game, from the Playstation release:

Longer FMV for Final Fantasy VI featuring a synthesized, no words rendition of the Aria and CGI rendered scenes from the game (lots of action), from the Playstation release:

And just to complete the set of FFVI FMVs, here’s the opening featuring Tina/Terra in CGI rendered scenes from the Playstation release:

From Piano Collections: Final Fantasy VI, Track 12 – Celes (music only):

The above piano piece performed by MattPark75:

From Tour de Japon, a live performance of Opera Maria and Draco (two parts):

A rare live performance of the Aria in English, ‘in the Gibson Amphitheater in Los Angeles by the World Festival Symphony Orchestra, featuring Stephanie Woodling as Maria, Chad Berlinghieri as Draco, and Todd Robinson as Ralse’ as performed at ‘More Friends Music From FINAL FANTASY ~Final Fantasy Orchestra Concert in Los Angeles 2005’. Lyrics at here. Sound only but with a slideshow of images of Celes, two parts:

Another live performance, this time in Japanese from ‘Voices ~ Music from Final Fantasy”, performed on February 18, 2006, in Yokohama’. The performers actually act/dance out their parts, and you get lots of close ups of the musicians. Two parts:

Rock group The Black Mages plays their hard and sentimental rock version of the opera scene complete with Japanese vocals, named Darkness and Starlight. It may take a while for you to get used to this rendition, but it’s really appreciable once you do! Sounds only, two parts:

Orchestral version from Distant Worlds concert (music only):

Part of the ending of the original Super Nintendo release of the game, featuring a beautiful medley of Locke’s theme and Celes’ theme at 1 minute 33 seconds. (Yes, if you noticed, Locke is the fellow with the bandana in the Playstation FMVs!):

And that’s it for now. If you know of any other good versions, do comment below!

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