Lowyat.NET – Mesti ISA Scott Thong

Hmm, interesting… Anyone have any idea what this was all about?

Lowyat mesti ISA Scott Thong

Here’s a morsel of what the contents were:

Lowyat mesti ISA Scott Thong

Click for full sizes.

The first screenshot is from Google’s cache of the page, I squeezed the width to make it fit my layout better. It’s an obviously old thread (31st October 2008) that I’ve only just learned about.

The thread has already been removed, likely due to the Kopitiam discussion board’s rule:

Racially charged threads which serve to incite religious or racial incitement, intolerance or hatred is strictly prohibited. Racial discussions of a limited nature may be discussed at Real World Issues, and will be subject to strict moderation.

Apparently someone with the screen name Polaris took offense at this post:

Anwar: Najib Had Sex With Altantuya, Had Her Murdered To Shut Her Up!

(Don’t ask me how I know which post it was – I have my methods.)

And lacking any blogging skills (as I surmise from the condescending attitude towards blogs in the second image), he/she resorted to whining on a forum…

And got his/her post yanked for violation of the rules. Great going, Polaris!

I’m quizzical as to why this, of all posts, should make me ISA-worthy. Even as the title of the post shows, all I did was report on what Anwar was insinuating.

And even then, it was through Susan Loone’s reporting on her blog. (But for me to take a weak-wristed, verbal bullet for Susan is an honour any day!)

I always take care to avoid self-ISAing material, such as insulting religion, royalty, race and whatnot. (I consider politicians and public figures open game, however.) I am civil and polite even towards those I disagree with.

(Even when they’re morons. Which they often are. I mean, just look at their line of non-argument! So noob and amateur! Spastically retarded and retardedly spastic!

…Uh, where was I? Oh yeah. Civil and polite, that’s me. And snarky, very snarky, full of sarcasm and clever mockery I am. Just witness below…)

But some people are just SO over-touchy and super-emo, particularly when it comes to their love idol, Dr. M (just read the comments).

And now, apparently they pine their lovelorn hearts (and other bodily organs too, *ahem*) for Najib as well.

Well, I have this poster on my wall that pretty much sums up their UMNOphilia:

Class Motiv

Sorry, Polaris. Seems that no one wanted to hear your whining all over the forum, nor your moans of unrequited longing for the M and N of the RAHMAN prophecy. It’s all right to do it in the privacy of your own room, just please don’t get any of those sticky fluids on your keyboard, for the sake of the Dell technicians.

Anyway, if anyone has the full story, text or screenshots of what the hoo-hah was all about, do update me. And if you know him/her or post on Lowyat, tell Polaris that I am brutally mocking him/her too!

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2 Responses to “Lowyat.NET – Mesti ISA Scott Thong”

  1. wits0 Says:

    Why use a nick/handle of the brightest star in Ursa Minor if you cannot handle the Web commentary?

    I only use a self-denigrating one and will take on any punkish dandylions if and when I feel like it. I don’t whine.

  2. Kopi Says:

    Everything in kopitiam is sarcastic trolling, you’ve been trolled Pointdexter.

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