The Silent Scream – Ultrasound Video of a Baby Being Brutally Aborted

The Silent Scream is an anti-abortion video that – through the use of real-time ultrasound – shows the actual process of aborting a 11-week old fetus in all its terrifying detail.

The website is at, where you can download Quicktime files of the video.

Excerpts from the video description information:

Dr. Bernard Nathanson’s classic video that shocked the world. He explains the procedure of a suction abortion, followed by an actual first trimester abortion as seen through ultrasound.

The viewer can see the child’s pathetic attempts to escape the suction curette as her heart rate doubles, and a “silent scream” as her body is torn apart.

Three-dimensional depiction of the developing fetus, from 4 weeks through 28 weeks. Display and usage of the abortionists’ tools, plus video of an abortionist performing a suction abortion.

The abortionist was quite skilled, having performed more than 10,000 abortions. We discover that the resulting ultrasound of his abortion so appalled him that he never again performed another abortion.

The clip begins with an ultrasound of the fetus (girl) who is about to be aborted. The girl is moving in the womb; displays a heartbeat of 140 per minute; and is at times sucking her thumb.

As the abortionist’s suction tip begins to invade the womb, the child rears and moves violently in an attempt to avoid the instrument. Her mouth is visibly open in a “silent scream.” The child’s heart rate speeds up dramatically (to 200 beats per minute) as she senses aggression. She moves violently away in a pathetic attempt to escape the instrument.

The abortionist’s suction tip begins to rip the baby’s limbs from its body, ultimately leaving only her head in the uterus (too large to be pulled from the uterus in one piece). The abortionist attempts to crush her head with his forceps, allowing it to be removed.

In an effort to “dehumanize” the procedure, the abortionist and anesthesiologist refer to the baby’s head as “number 1.” The abortionist crushes “number 1” with the forceps and removes it from the uterus.

Women are victims, too. They haven’t been told about the true nature of the unborn child or the facts about abortion procedures. Their wombs have been perforated, infected, destroyed, and sterilized. All as a result of an operation about which they they have had no true knowledge. NARAL (National Abortion Rights Action League) and Planned Parenthood are accused of a conspiracy of silence, of keeping women in the dark about the reality of abortion.

Finally, Dr. Nathanson discusses his credentials. He is a former abortionist, having been the director of the largest clinic in the Western world.

I’ve included the Youtubes of the video below. The following is a summary of what each video part contains.

Part 1 is an introduction to what abortion actually entails.

Part 2 explains how the abortion instruments are actually used on the fetus – cutting off and crushing its head.

Part 3 is the ‘highlight’ of the series. Video of an ultrasound taken while the baby is being murdered in its mother’s womb. Towards the middle of the video, you see the fetus bucking and kicking, trying desperately to escape as the abortionist rams the implement into the womb and eventually kills the child.

Part 4 has abortion statistics (current modern statistics are 1.2 million abortions per month worldwide) and gruesome images of the leftover body parts of murdered aborted fetuses. If you don’t care to see dead and dismembered babies (with human faces), don’t watch.

Part 5 wraps up, and has images of a beautiful fetus… Contrasted with another image of a murdered abortion victim.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

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47 Responses to “The Silent Scream – Ultrasound Video of a Baby Being Brutally Aborted”

  1. Planned Parenthood Director Abby Johnson Becomes Pro-Life After Seeing Abortion Ultrasound « Conservative Thoughts and Profundity Says:

    […] The Silent Scream – Ultrasound Video of a Baby Being Brutally Aborted […]

  2. Karen May Says:

    I’m sorry to say, but your appeal to humanizing embryos and their “displays of panic” at being aborted lack biological support. A small biology lesson: the first trimester ends at the twelfth week because that is when all the body systems begin to develop. At this point it is considered a fetus. It is only legal to abort an embryo before the twelfth week, unless there is a medical reason to do it at a later time. HOWEVER, at the time when abortions are legally performed, the embryo has no brain and no nervous system (in fact the nervous system is the very last system to develop, not even complete until a year after the child is born). When an embryo is aborted before the twelfth week, it is a clump of cells that is not capable of feeling pain or fear, and therefore is unable to display distress. As for performing abortions after the twelfth week, such an act can only be done if the mother is in danger if she carries the child to term. I’m interested in what your view on this situation is. Please consider biology and science when you make your arguments, instead of relying entirely on idealistic spiritual concepts.

  3. Scott Thong Says:

    As for performing abortions after the twelfth week, such an act can only be done if the mother is in danger if she carries the child to term.

    Unfortunately, almost all of the time this seems to happen when the mother’s life is not, in fact, in serious danger. I don’t have the statistics, if you could disprove my notion I am welcome to it.

    I also am not convinced of the following ‘reasoning’:

    1) It is illegal to kill a human being at so-and-so date, but not one day before.
    2) If a baby is unintentionally killed, the culprit can be charged with murder. Not so if it is intentionally aborted. WTF?
    3) The mother has full say (‘choice’) on whether or not the baby lives; the baby itself has no say. How many people would say “Yes, I would have agreed to being aborted”?
    4) It is legal to be aborted, but it is illegal to commit suicide with the excuse “I wish I had been aborted”.
    5) Following points 3 and 4, apparently it is legal to be killed if you cannot object to it. Ergo, the following should also be legal: involuntary euthanasia of fully-paralyzed persons, killing of comatose/unconscious/sleeping people. None of them can object to their deaths either.

  4. Ron Says:

    “Unfortunately, almost all of the time this seems to happen when the mother’s life is not, in fact, in serious danger. I don’t have the statistics, if you could disprove my notion I am welcome to it.”

    Gestational Age

    Among women from the 43 areas for which gestational age at abortion was reported for 2006 (Table 7), the majority (62.0%) of abortions were obtained at ≤8 weeks’ gestation; only 5.0% of abortions were obtained at ≥16 weeks’ gestation (3.7% at 16–20 weeks and 1.3% at ≥21 weeks). Among the 38 reporting areas that provided data for 1997, 2005, and 2006,§§ the percentage of abortions obtained at ≤8 weeks’ gestation increased 11.7% (from 55.5% in 1997 to 62.0% in 2006). The percentage of abortions obtained at ≥16 weeks was relatively stable (5.7%, 5.2%, and 5.0% of all abortions in 1997, 2005, and 2006, respectively).

    From table 8:
    ≤6 weeks= 29.6%
    7 weeks = 18.2%
    8 weeks = 14.3%

    From table 7:
    ≤8 = 62.0%
    9–10 = 17.1
    11–12 = 9.3
    13–15 = 6.5
    16–20 = 2.7
    ≥21 = 1.3

    Abortion Surveillance — United States, 2006

    According to Wikepedia:

    – 36 states ban all late-term abortions except for physical risks
    – 13 states ban all late-term abortions > 24 weeks
    – 10 of those 13 states require approval from at least two doctors
    – 9 of those require two physicians in attendance during the abortion

    Given that most genetic abnormalities aren’t diagnosed until after week 20, and the increased health risks of having a late-term abortion, it’s extremely unlikely that many women would choose to terminate their pregnancies at such at late stage due to lifestyle considerations.

  5. Scott Thong Says:

    Well thank you Ron! If only I had a fleet of loyal commentors to do my research for me, I could probably get much more blogging in.

  6. elisheba Says:

    It has never been considered good medical practice to remove healthy flesh.

    Abortion ( & not having multiple full-term pregnancies ) raises the risk for cancer.

    The “reasons” for having an abortion appear to be finances and

    The reason for performing abortions appears to be financial.

    The reason for permitting abortion appears to be racial.

  7. Paige Says:

    @Karen- so since the nervous system isn’t developed completely until a year after birth, might it be okay to extend abortion until then. You might want to delete this point. 🙂
    I’ve seen photos of aborted babies and it’s just tragic…a cruel cruel thing for humankind to do. The guilt the mothers must feel….how terrible for these moms. So sad….

  8. Timmy Says:

    do you realize what you’re stating? you’re asking sarcastically if it might be ok to extend abortions until after the EMBRYO has developed into a FETUS.
    Karen’s point is that the EMBRYO is just a cluster of DNA filled cells – the DNA forms the organizing that begin the formation a FETUS. Not until after the 12th week has the FETUS been developed. If the EMBRYO has no central nervous system, it cannot feel pain or fear or have distress, as these videos portray.
    Do you eat chicken eggs? Aren’t chicken eggs just the unfertilized EMBRYO of a baby chicken? without being fertilized it cannot begin developing into a FETUS. Isnt that a form of abortion? Meaning you’d be pro-chicken abortion to feed yourself, but anti-human abortion because of some graphic photos you’ve seen. A bit selfish I’d say, when you have no clue of the specific case by case reason for each and every abortion performed. There are reasons why it is legal.

  9. Scott Thong Says:

    I look at it from this point of view: What is the potential of a human embryo? One day, if not interrupted, it will be a full human being with full rights. A chicken can never learn to play, read, speak, think, reason, imagine.

    That is one thing Peter Singer does not get – no matter how much of an advantage a full-grown chicken has over a human infant or fetus or embryo, it will one day be surpassed – because it can never be anything more than an instinct-driven, mindless animal.

    Does it really make sense to say that I can kill you 1 day before you are granted full human rights, including the most basic of all – the right to live?

  10. elisheba Says:

    Facts >> it is human / it is innocent / it has blood ___ Conclusion >> it is the shedding of innocent human blood

  11. jovy laiza covita Says:

    abortion is killing ! it is a sin; morally and eternally.

  12. Joyce Says:

    Here is another thing to think about: here are the characteristics of all living things:
    1 Nutrition
    Living things take in materials from their surroundings that they
    use for growth or to provide energy. Nutrition is the process by
    which organisms obtain energy and raw materials from nutrients
    such as proteins, carbohydrates and fats.
    2 Respiration
    Respiration is the release of energy from food substances in all
    living cells. Living things break down food within their cells to
    release energy for carrying out the following processes.
    3 Movement
    All living things move. It is very obvious that a leopard moves but
    what about the thorn tree it sits in? Plants too move in various
    different ways. The movement may be so slow that it is very
    difficult to see.
    4 Excretion
    All living things excrete.As a result of the many chemical
    reactions occurring in cells, they have to get rid of waste products
    which might poison the cells. Excretion is defined as the removal of
    toxic materials, the waste products of metabolism and substances
    in excess from the body of an organism.
    5 Growth
    Growth is seen in all living things. It involves using food to
    produce new cells. The permanent increase in cell number and size
    is called growth.
    6 Reproduction
    All living organisms have the ability to produce offspring.
    7 Sensitivity
    All living things are able to sense and respond to stimuli around
    them such as light, temperature, water, gravity and/or chemical

    does an embryo fit this criteria? yes. Cells are the building blocks to all life, what is an embryo? a group of cells. what do all cells contain? DNA. what does DNA contain? Genes, what makes a person unique and determines all bodily functions and physicalities. this is just biology 101. with this basic evidence how can you deny that an embryo is alive? how can you deny its existence?

  13. BETSY Says:


  14. Jordan Says:

    Betsy, typing in ALL CAPS hurts my eyes and makes baby Jesus cry.

  15. charmin waste Says:

    I aborted my 11 wk. embryo in 1987. I since, have given birth to a healthy baby boy in 1990. Before the abortion I already had 2 children, ages 5 and 3 yrs. old. My reason for this abortion was financial, according to my new husband, whom I am still married to. I get sick to my stomach each time I think of my selfishness on that terrible day back in March, 1987. I always wonder about the child I killed. What would he have been like? The guilt has eaten away at my soul for 24 yrs. I have asked God for forgiveness, but how do I ever forgive myself. At the age of 51, I regret that awful decision, and my weakness, with all my heart.

  16. elisheba Says:

    to charmin,
    just tell the Almighty you are sorry & ask Him to send a message to the child with your love & regret. Ask Him what He wants you to do to balance this out – to use it for good somehow.He could even send the child back – if he wanted to.

  17. ~L Says:

    Do you mind turning of the iPad feature under settings so I can view the video… It does not work on iPads unless you tun that off…. Thanks:)

  18. Scott Thong Says:

    Do what? And how?

  19. aisha Says:


    I tell you from my own unfortunate and very recent experience that


    You wrote
    “HOWEVER, at the time when abortions are legally performed, the embryo has no brain and no nervous system (in fact the nervous system is the very last system to develop, not even complete until a year after the child is born). When an embryo is aborted before the twelfth week, it is a clump of cells that is not capable of feeling pain or fear, and therefore is unable to display distress.”

    An 11- 12 week fetus is not a clump of cells, it is a almost fully formed small person, not only does it have limbs, but it has un-webbed fingers and toes with miniature finger nails, look up any website worth its salt and read about fetal development for yourself.

    Then I suggest you revisit the unfortunate 11 week live abortion on ultra sound SILENT SCREAM and see for yourself that that the 11 week sleeping baby that was about to aborted not only felt distress but it felt pain and fear when it woke up and began to violently react to the lethal instruments attacking it, causing its heart rate to rise then LOOK for yourself at the babys growing and futile kicking in vain to move away from the invading instruments that ripped its amniotic sac then dismembered its defenseless body.

    By seeing that ultra sound which i believe to be the first footage of the youngest humans excecution caught on tape, unless you are blind you cannot deny The fear and panic and pain are visibly evident in 11 week fetus’s abortion.
    Had there been a way to record sound during that abortion we would have heard its silent scream because when its legs got torn that baby opened its mouth in a silent scream. This is nothing short of genocide.


    I wish I had seen the tape 2 weeks ago before my husband coerced me into the abortion of our 11 week 1 day baby, I would have known I was about to painfully end the life of my baby and plunge myself into an abyss of regret that I shall never recover from. I would’nt have given up or given into allowing a money making industry as perverted as the pornography industry to capitalize on my misinformation.

    Its a real pity we mothers only relalise we made the biggest mistake of our lives afterwards when we are reeling in the pain , guilt and regret as I am in now and will live with for the rest of my life.

    I was never pro anything before two weeks ago, I never really thought about it since I never thought I would have to be one of ‘those women’ whom abort their babies, all i was taught and believed in was that murder is wrong.
    Now I realise that duping us while we are most vunerable into assuming its the removal of a so called ‘clump of cells’ then ending up realising only too late that we made the biggest most irriversible mistake of our lives.

    We mothers become isolated and cannot talk about it, I have found women suffering similar pain referred to as Post Abortion Stress Syndrome in a online forum. I was shocked to find that although my abortion is very recent, many women there that post of a daily basis are still trying to deal with their on going pain of abortions even after more than 20 years. I have noticed that most of their marriages or relationships end abruptly after the abortion, i have noticed that men are the majority whom corerce and threaten the mothers to abort and and these men dissapear afterwards from what is an unnatural inhumane proceedure.
    That is when I realised that we are very misinformed about the horrors of abortion, even men. And much like yourself assuming you are removing a ‘clump of cells’ no we are not we are removing a baby, a human life and we end up being dehumanized because of it.

    I know my 11 week 1 day baby died painfully exactly as did the baby in the silent scream sonar abortion film and I will live with that on my concious forever. May God forgive me.

    Fawathtik lirab il3ebaad


  20. Controversial Abortion Thread - Page 6 - Christian Forums Says:

    […] […]

  21. Sherry Says:

    Interesting that that clump of cells is quite animated in the first trimester for being a lifeless form (thing). 😕

    I have had it said to me in two different discussions on the death penalty, which I am for in the strictest sense, that I should also be for abortion, which I find is an irreprehensible act against the most vulnerable and innocent beings on earth. At first I said to them that they should be pro-DP if they are pro-abortion-it goes both ways if you want to make clever arguments like that. Then I got to thinking about it. These pro-abortion liberals just admitted to me that abortion is comparable to the death penalty in as much as death is the result-murder, to be exact, since they believe the DP is murder.

    And they wonder about what has happened to the civilized society. It has a spirit of death over it wherever abortion is legal.

  22. The Execution of the Innocent « quotes and notes and opinions Says:

    […] For the liberals who are pro-death penalty of the innocent pre-birth, please check out these videos on The Silent Scream found here:… […]

  23. (tree) Goddard (@heartroot) Says:

    TRUTH doesn’t have a VOTE……SILENT NO MORE

  24. Theresa Tree Goddard Says:

    NO trick….NO TREAT….no lies….the TRUTH

  25. B Says:

    Most of the baby organs begin to develop after four weeks so technically the video is valid.I do not know whether the baby feels pain per say,but being dismembered when you are alive sure doesnt seem like a walk through.The after-effects of abortion especially on the mother can be drastic…whether she used a pill or tube it still is the same:heavy bleeding,serious cramps,possible infertility in the future and the obvious guilt that the woman lives with.Motherhood is a gift many wish to have.

  26. David Says:

    I hope everybody posting “Abortion is killing innocent life” is also a vegetarian. Because otherwise they are hypocrites. Why does it matter that it is human? An adult cow is more intelligent than an underdeveloped fetus for all we know.

    Oh, btw, plants are also “life”.. so maybe stop eating altogether?

  27. Sherry Says:

    No, David, we’re no hypocrits. After the Great Flood God told Noah that is was lawful to kill certain animals for food. He always said certain plantlife was good for food. See, when God says its OK, its really guilt-free OK! Now murder of the unborn is still not OK by Him.

    I take it that you believe you are not a hypocrit because you eat meat and plant life and believe abortion is OK. You may want to get outside and soak up some sun, dearheart~

  28. Scott Thong Says:

    An adult cow is more intelligent than an underdeveloped fetus for all we know. – David

    Without even going into the ‘fundamental value’ aspect or the ‘YOU ARE A SPECIES TRAITOR, WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR SUPPOSED REVERENCE FOR DARWIN’S THEORY???’ line of argument…

    It’s a matter of potential. To wit, an adult cow may be more intelligent right now than an underdeveloped fetus, or even a toddler. But that is the cow’s limit – it will never be able to progress to the point of being able to speak, or imagine, or contemplate its self-existence. It will never have sentience. Same goes for plants, natch.

    Whereas the early-stage human can grow into a poet, an artist, a scientist, an animal rights activist – or even a snarky commentor named David.

    It’s in fact the same difference for the argument ‘Why don’t you protest the killing of sperm cells, after all they are human DNA too’. Sperm cells on their own will never develop past the point of being sperm cells – even in an empty womb with all the right support systems, they will simply die and disintegrate. Same goes for ova. No matter how much intervention you make, it will never become anything other than a single cell.

    Whereas a fertilized egg will develop into an embryo, a fetus, a baby, a full human being. In fact, only intervention will prevent an eventual sentient being from forming!

    See the difference now, brainiac?

  29. Maura Says:

    After reading the comments I see why society has deteriorated so rapidly since the legal genocide of human babies began. The language the supporters of baby-killers use to describe a baby as a clump of cells and other medical-like terminology they repeat in robot fashion. All mind control and brainwashed to distance themselves and spread lies to soothe their own haughty contempt for life.

    Make no mistake if you are man who is supporting legalized baby killing you hate life, and you especially hate women. The real agenda for baby killing is population control. It is far easier to manipulate an emotionally fearful, financially unprepared, and unsupported by the father, pregnant women by dulling her senses with medical terminology to help her decide to kill her baby.

    Oh and by the way the baby-killing-mills are a multi-BILLION dollar industry. Imagine this killing machine frenzy provides insane incomes for people in the higher marketing and leadership positions.

    For all the women who have been coaxed into having someone barbarically rip their own flesh and blood baby from their womb are conditioned to accept the medical terminology. Baby-killing-mills prey upon women in their most vulnerable fragile state during their pregnancy. How else could a logically thinking human being agree to dismembering their baby piece by piece, and then having a cold medical instrument crush their babies skull and suck all it’s brain matter, limbs, and head out from their womb?

    Society has hit the lowest of lows when we have barbaric methods to butcher babies inside the mothers womb and then numb the dumb sheep masses into believing the word abortion makes the killing of a human being baby a good thing. We live in a world where people can no longer grasp reality they are spoon fed what to believe, how to believe it, and when to believe and even repeat the lies they have been told without caring if the are spreading a lie. As for the stupidity of the person “Karen May” and her moronic statement a baby has no nervous system until a year, obviously she must have a “different secret set” of biology and science books. The absurdity of her statement proves the point of brainwashing.

    Hey, as we see it now, when a babies life is not valued eventually OTHER PEOPLE are not valued. And when the government controls the masses with media and tells them what to think and lies to them about killing babies NOW they can program them to believe certain people within the government are not valued. When the government in the near future starts to force other types of “who lives and who doesn’t live” we will see new medical terminology arrive on the scene to describe different human issues that need extermination. Maybe a child under the age of one who isn’t walking is not fit for life (oh heck they have no nervous system anyway), we’ll have a terminology for that to medically end their life, or an elderly person who has (x,y, or z wrong with them) we will have another medical terminology for that. Killing babies sends a message no life is valued and once no life is valued it’s easy to determine the next step in the “power of whether you live” process.

  30. Mimika Says:

    I am a catholic school girl and I find this entire debate redundant.Women should have the right to abort a baby if they have a good reason to (like health risks,financial costs). Why should we force others to keep babies they don’t want and can’t care for? In all honesty I prefer abortion to having another child age out of the system without getting adopted,or another child ending up in an abusive household.

    The only thing I really hate are the people who think abortion is like birth control, when they could have easily just used condoms or other forms of birth control.

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  37. sniper_iv Says:

    Consider the following hypocrisy…

    NASA spends billions upon billions of dollars to send man and complex equipment to the moon and mars fervently seeking what?

    A Single CELL.

    and the premise of such a discovery is for one purpose, and one purpose only.

    To prove LIFE exist on other planets.

    So the brightest scientific minds believe a single cell is LIFE.

  38. tree Says:

    “”For the sake of HIS sorrowful Passion, have Mecy on Us, and HELP us MAKE this tragity END:”

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  40. J. D. Says:

    Abortion is the modern method that allows the high priests of Baal to reach into the womb to commit human sacrifice. Societies
    that commit human sacrifice will reap the destruction they sow. Wake up and repent, America!

  41. Vicki M Says:

    The Silent Scream is an ‘Anti-Abortion’ video that – through the use of real-time ultrasound – shows the actual process of aborting a 11-week old fetus in all its terrifying detail. — No this is a Prolife video that shows the truth of what happens to the baby while its life is being taken.

    When I was three months pregnant, I saw my son in an ultra sound- fully formed , little hands and feet dancing around, kicking and playing. That was one of the greatest times ever in my life, I remember to this day.
    Those people that say that the baby is just cells, your either Deceived or Lying. The baby feels pain, sucks its thumb and cries , kicks, moves around etc.

  42. FU Critics United Says:

    You should have been aborted for this. This video has been debunked countless times and it only shows a vapid empty space where your brain should have been.

    This is a bullsh*t video.

  43. Scott Thong Says:

    Ah, so you admit that abortion = murder.

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