All That This Non-Bumiputera is Saying…

We don’t object that Islam is the official religion or Bahasa Melayu is the official language. We don’t object to the sultans as our rulers even though they historically have never been.

What we object to is when we try our hardest in our studies or workplace, we are pushed aside to make way for lower-performing individuals who happen to fit requirements for the quota. Why are our best efforts wasted? Why are we made to feel that people would rather our skills and talents be taken overseas instead of building up Malaysia?

Think about it… What benefit does it bring to THE NATION when underperformers are automatically advanced? And worse, encouraged to not bother trying their best because they are entitled to an easy life? How does that benefit Malaysia as a whole?

What we object to is when people mock and curse our culture or beliefs, they are applauded; but when we talk about theirs, we are thrown into jail.

Think about it… If all the Chinese and Indians and Caucasians etc. were to 100%-and-forever acknowledge Malay superiority tomorrow… Wouldn’t the main criteria for becoming a leader in UMNO – protecting Malay rights – suddenly be useless in lifting up the Malays and the nation? (Actually, it would be just as useless as it is now!)

All I’m saying is, if certain people OF ALL RACES in Malaysia don’t start picking up the slack, our nation will be left behind as the world rapidly globalizes. What do we have, really, that other nations do not have? Especially if we do not even have a work-hard, ensure-quality mentality?

Think about it… If all the Chinese and Indians and Caucasians etc. were to disappear suddenly tomorrow… How would that suddenly make Malaysia ready to face China, India, the European Union and the USA in the global market?

Wouldn’t there still be a huge wealth disparity between the UMNOputras/well connected Malay businessmen and the farmers/fishermen/FELDA families/kampung villagers? How would the nation’s problems be amazingly, mysteriously solved?

What use would be UMNO’s ‘Malay Rights’ mentality when everyone in the nation is a Malay?

Do you really think that the other nations of the world will accept ‘Ketuanan Melayu’ as a valid excuse to take it easy on Malaysia and give her underperforming, low-quality, low-output citizens ‘quotas’ in the survival-of-the-fittest world economy?

Or would Malaysia be just another ‘Middle Eastern’ nation… An oil-rich Islamic country of homogenous race, where the commoners lack education and live in poverty while the privileged upper class live in luxury and send their children to overseas schools? To put it another way, would Encik Ali still be a poor teh tarik seller while Encik Najib lives first class in a Putrajaya mansion?

Ask yourself this question, and think about whether the non-Bumiputeras are the real issue and the real problem to solve here.


FOOTNOTE: Historically, dictatorships and non-sustainable repressive regimes have always required an ‘enemy’ to focus the people’s unhappiness against, so that the people are distracted from the fundamental injustices and the root causes of national problems.

You can see it in Nazi Germany’s demonizing of European Jews, the Middle East’s demonizing of Israel and America, North Korea/Venezuela/Cuba’s demonizing of America, and Taliban/Hamas/Al Qaeda’s demonizing of Israel and America and Jews and Westerners and non-Muslims and anything they define as un-Islamic.

Even if all the Jews and Americans and Westerners and whoever else they don’t like were wiped off the face of the Earth, would all their problems be solved? Would all their social ills be cured?

Not half likely. All they would do is find a new enemy to focus the people’s hate against. For more on thie concept, see Two Minutes Hate and The War.

Now put that concept in a Malaysian context… Would all the nation’s difficulties disappear if the non-Bumiputeras were deported or wiped out?

(And for a glimpse at the answer to that question, see what Michael Chick has to report about Pariaman got rid of its ‘pendatangs’).

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2 Responses to “All That This Non-Bumiputera is Saying…”

  1. oneworldmaybenot Says:

    I beg to differ. I don’t think the bumi vs non bumi is the issue here when it comes to meritocracy in the workplace. Its more of the government servant mentality. Trust me, the non malays have same mentality especially in the GLC. What you get in the end are “tak guna otak” deadwoods (ie those afraid to take VSS for greener pastures) who comprise both malay and non malays alike. Stew in this 3rd world mentality environment long enough & you end up like them – BORG-ed.

  2. High Court must hear Siti Hasnah Vangarama Abdullah’s application to leave islam | simonthongwh Says:

    […] I have said before, we don’t want ‘Ketuanan Cina’ or ‘Ketuanan India’, or to remove the national status of […]

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