KOMAS Freedom Film Fest: Win RM5000 to Make a Film or RM2000 for Completes Video

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The outcome of the last general election had everyone talking about the reawakening of people’s power. But how far has this political transformation resulted in the improvement of our lives as Malaysians?

The FreedomFilmFest is now accepting entries for video proposals with the theme “Real Change?”

Send in your proposal and stand to win RM5000 to make your film.

You can also send in your completed videos and be in the running for a cash prize of RM2000.

Click for Competition Details and entry form

Watch this year’s competition trailer:

Keputusan pilihanraya umum tahun lepas telah mencetuskan perbualan hangat mengenai kebangitan kuasa rakyat. Tapi persoalannya, sejauh manakah transformasi politik ini telah membawa kepada perubahan bermakna dalam kehidupan seharian kita?

FreedomFilmFest kini sedang menerima kertas cadangan yang bertemakan “Perubahan?”

Hantarlah kertas cadangan untuk sebuah video dan berpeluang memenangi RM5000 untuk memproduksinya.

Ataupun hantar video siap dan memenangi hadiah tunai berjumlah RM2000.

Klik untuk maklumat lanjut

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