Malaysiakini Letters – Global Warming: Don’t Naively Believe Everything

Hah! I got it in at last. Eat this, global warming hysterians!

I re-added the links to news and science sites in the citations (in non-bolded links below), as Malaysiakini removed them. They left in some of the links as they saw fit, however (in bolded links below).

Or just head on over to Global Warming is Unfactual for more facts. Malaysiakini had removed some of them.

From Malaysiakini letters 20 April 2009:

Global warming is unfactual don't naively believe

Global warming is unfactual don't naively believe

Global warming is unfactual don't naively believe

Global warming: Don’t naively believe everything

Scott Thong | Apr 20, 09 4:52pm

I refer to the letter Global warming – getting the facts right.

Allow me to respond by citing five simple facts about global warming that are seldom heard.

1. According to the National Center for Policy Analysis [pages 5-8], only 1~2% of the atmosphere is made up of greenhouse gases. Of that amount of greenhouse gases, only 3.62 percent of it is carbon dioxide.

And most significantly for proponents of anthropogenic global warming, only 3.4% of that carbon dioxide is emitted by human activity. That is to say, even if all human activities were immediately shut down tomorrow, 96.6% of the carbon dioxide would not be affected.

[Which also means that only 0.28% of the greenhouse effect is human-caused.]

2. The wavelength of radiation that carbon dioxide absorbs is not only very narrow, it is also already mostly absorbed by other gases – such as the water vapour the writer mentions.

And this is also affected by the law of diminishing returns – once carbon dioxide and other gases absorb all this radiation, then adding more carbon dioxide does not have any effect – the radiation is already being absorbed in full. (Source: Page 13 of this PDF)

3. Historical data shows that temperature always rises first, followed 800 years later by carbon dioxide levels. This is the reverse of what global warming theory claims.

4. How is temperature measured, anyway? Nasa relies mostly on ground-based measuring instruments. However, many of them are placed in really stupid locations where they are exposed to a lot of temporary heat.

You should really take a look at the hilarious photos of temperature sensors placed in hot car parking lots, next to air-conditioner exhaust vents, inches from exposed light bulbs, and near flaming barbeque grills.

Don’t you think this biases the temperature measurements towards the hotter end of the scale?

5. Global warming? What global warming? Where? Where? Does anybody even read the news anymore, or are they content to parrot decades-old talking points about melting ice caps and rising oceans? Extra credit to you if you know that:

The oceans have been cooling since 2003. (Source: Nasa)

Sea ice is growing at the fastest rate ever recorded. (Source: Arctic Research Center)

Arctic ice is back to 1979 levels, meaning no net melting has occurred in 30 years. (Source: Daily Tech)

The melting scare in recent years might have been caused by scientists having undermeasured the amount of ice by 500,000 square kilometers due to a sensor glitch, as they now bashfully admit. (Source: Bloomberg)

Antarctic ice is at the highest levels ever recorded. (Source: Heartland Institute)

[And it is proven that the ice is expanding! (Source: The Australian)]

The year 2008 saw colder temperatures across the United States. (Source: National Climatic Data Center)

It snowed in Saudi Arabia during their coldest winter in 30 years. (Yes, it snowed in the Desert Kingdom!) (Source: Arabian

It snowed in Iraq for the first time in 100 years. (Source: Reuters)

In 2009, it snowed in the United Arab Emirates for the second time in history. When was the first time? In 2004. (Source: Associated Free Press and Terra Daily)

China had its coldest winter in 100 years. (Source: Reuters)

Pakistan had its coldest temperatures in 70 years. (Source: The Indian Express)

Australia had its coldest summer in 50 years. (Source: Bloomberg)

Mumbai, India had its coldest winter in 40 years. (Source: India News)

Takijistan, formerly part of the Soviet Union, had its coldest winter in more than 25 years. (Source: npr)

There was record cold in Vietnam. (Source: Earth Times)

A rare snowfall occurred in Jerusalem. (Source: BBC)

All this chill is probably why the fearmongers’ language has gradually been shifted to ‘climate change’ instead of ‘global warming’. So do tell me, how does the alleged carbon dioxide heating up the planet cause all this cooling climate change?

Finally, the writer insinuates that there are ‘forces bent on denying the scientific evidence related to climate change’, that is, ‘businesses whose profits depends on humankind continuing unabated on this downward path, and the politicians funded by these businesses.’

Tell that to Al Gore, head cheerleader of global warming doom-saying – whose film ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ was officially ruled by the British High Court to be unscientific and one-sidedly political.

He whose house uses 22 times the electricity as the average American family and who has earned more than US$35 million in profits from his company Generation Investment Management LLP that sells carbon offsets.

Maybe that is why more and more people have felt that global warming is exaggerated since around the time ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ was released and why global warming is the currently the lowest concern on people’s minds.

[Addition: Two thirds of people no longer believe that global warming is human caused!]

Don’t naively believe everything a pundit claims. Heck, don’t even believe what I am saying – go and check it all out for yourselves. All the above facts are backed up by citations from legitimate news sources that can be viewed here.


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8 Responses to “Malaysiakini Letters – Global Warming: Don’t Naively Believe Everything”

  1. Adifferentvoice Says:

    Regarding the measurement of temperature, the guys responsible KNOW what they are doing: they WANT to have higher readings to support their claim that global warming is happening. They practise BAD FAITH.

  2. amused Says:

    I dont usually worry about blogs as most comments on them are from people who see things in either black or white. There are a lot of George Bush’s out there. However i was amused to see that Australia had its coolest summer on record. How can this be i wondered after having experienced record after record of heat extremes here in Victoria. Then i was enlightened. Sydney had its coolest summer in 50 years and of course Sydney is the only town in Australia. The rest of the country (just about as big as the US) doesnt count obviously. Little matter that Melbourne set a new record for the hottest day ever in a capital city or recoreded 3 days above 43C for the first time as well. Leave the science to the scientists you complete idiot!

  3. Scott Thong Says:

    Oh yes, indeed, I am so totally not a scientist just because I have a blog. Any citation for your data, Mr. Non-scientist-yourself-yet-dabbling-in-science of Victoria? Or was that Adelaide?

    And do note the factoid and links to pics that I provided about cities being extra hot due to all the vehicle engines, concrete, asphalt, air conditioner vents etc. The fact that despite all of these things and all the additional years of urbanization, Sydney could still have its coolest summer in 50 years recently says a lot about what direction the overall climate of the world is headed in.

    As for your comment about ignoring blogs… That is exactly why I made sure to include so many links to ‘reputable sources’ for all the claims I put up.

    As if people who don’t blog or don’t read blogs are so different! The same people in ‘real life’ with the same views simply bring their views to the Net where others can see them. It’s a simple matter of visibility (or lack thereof) skewing the results of your casual survey… Something a ‘scientist’ would know to watch out for.

    But in all seriousness and honesty, thanks for your comment. I will be sure to say ‘coldest summer in Sydney’ instead of ‘in Australia’ from now on.

  4. Adifferentview Says:

    Amused should know about those people who see things in either black or white, being a member of that extra-large community. And talking about Bush’s, whether you measure temperature under a bush or away from its shade matters a lot.

  5. wits0 Says:

    Global Warming resembles the low budget sci fi scare movies of the fifties. Except that it hids the expensive agendas of the Al Gores.

  6. Scott Thong Says:

    That, and this low budget sci fi scare movie just happens to earn Gore megabigbucks in ticket sales.

  7. hutchrun Says:


    There is substantial and statistically significant evidence for decadal and bidecadal oscillations in globally averaged temperature trends. Sinusoidal model analysis of the first differences of the HP smoothed HadCRUT3 time series reveals strong periodicities at 248.2 and 110.7 months, periodicities confirmed as well with MTM spectrum analysis.

    Analyzing these periodicities in the time domain with the first differences of the HP smoothed HadCRUT3 time series reveals a pattern of correlation between strong warming rate cycles and the double sunspot cycle for the past four double sunspot cycles. Prior to that, with a phase shift circa 1920, the strong warming rate cycles were dominated by the timing of the lunar nodal cycle.

    We suggest that this reversal may be related to a weaker epoch of solar activity prior to 1920, and that we may on the cusp of another phase shift associated with a resumption of such weakened solar activity.

    If so, this may result in a reduction in the rate of global warming, and possibly a period of global cooling, further complicating the effort to attribute recent global warming to anthropogenic sources.

  8. website Says:

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