Team Fortress 2: Jarate Origin Comic

Team Fortress 2 Jarate Sniper vs Spy comic

Click the comic snippets montage above to see the full comic. Or click the Sniper vs Spy link for the series of updates which gives the context (sorta) and some amusing exposition.

See also similarly styled comics at these Jay Pinkerton comics and mockery of liberals.

In related news, the latest update for Team Fortress 2, Sniper vs Spy, has implemented a change to the unlockables that is controversial at the very least. In short, unlockables are now granted randomly as a result of play time; obtaining achievements with a particular class have nothing to do with it any more.

This brings joy to the casual players, for now they don’t have to slave away for hours chasing after difficult achievements in order to get the alternate weapons.

It’s good for the game’s classes – previously players would use a class extensively in order to unlock the new weapons for that class, now they will play a class because they just got a new weapon for it.

It’s good for Valve’s business too, in that more casual players will be drawn to this ‘more equal’ playing field.

This simultaneously brings resentment from the dedicated players – those who have already sweated and strained and unlocked all the goodies through the sheer hard work of earning achievements. All their efforts have now been greatly devalued.

For me, I only had the Pyro unlockables Flare Gun and Backburner from grinding achievements. Now I can run around exclusively as Pyro with the powerful Backburner and still find items for the other classes! Hooray! Best of both worlds for me.

On the pros’ resentment, I could draw a Biblical comparison to the Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard.

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5 Responses to “Team Fortress 2: Jarate Origin Comic”

  1. Guido Says:

    I see plenty of reasons why the update makes sense. But two points anyway:

    * That the bible has a passage that treats people unfairly by paying as much to those who barely helped as to those who did the brunt of the work does not suddenly make it fair. “Whatever is right” implies “what it is worth”, and I don’t see how more equally dedicated work is not worth more. That landowner is just arrogant when he says that he can do with his money whatever he wants. He’s simply cheating naive people who assumed that he had some moral standards.

    Keep in mind that I’m not talking about parabolic or mataphorous similarities to anything, but the vineyard and its landowner itself. I also do not want to start a religious discussion – being a philosopher, I merely do question all sources of knowledge I encounter and make no exception for holy books in that. I hope I do not offend you with that stance.

    * The big issue for players who unlocked everything already is that they can’t unlock the new stuff in a similarly goal-oriented way (it wouldn’t necessarily have to be exactly the same), not that others get the unlocks for less effort. Personally, I had all the unlocks prior to the newest patch, although I’m by no means a competitive player or anything – maybe I’m best described as dedicated casual. I got seven unlocks so far – four of which I had already, so they’re completely useless to me. And there is no way I can work towards getting the ones I don’t have yet. That is the problem. Getting useless stuff when there are shiny new things I’d like to try, but can’t.

    I am happy for all the new players who got their shinies with less effort than I had. The game would stop being fun for new players if Valve hadn’t changed the unlock system right about now. But introducing a newbie-friendly way without caring about players that were with them since the start seems odd and surprisingly un-Valve-like to me.

  2. Scott Thong Says:

    Other complaingts I’ve heard about the new system are its randomness in allocation (I got two Bonk! Atomic Punch already) and awarding (some players got lots of stuff
    early on and in a few hours, while others slogged for much longer for one item; and items seem to come in bursts).

    Agreed that a landowner is not treating his hired workers equally. But in the context of work contract, the earlier workers have no right to complain – they were offered XXX payment for a day’s work, and were paid XXX for a day’s work. A wholly new contract was offered to the later workers which is unrelated (contractually) to any previous agreements.

    For the uninitiated, in the Biblical context this parable is referring to the free gift of heaven. Whoever accepts Christ early in their life will receive ‘the same’ reward as those who accept late, that is, salvation and eternal life and heaven.

    The main difference between reality and the parable is that: 1) In heaven itself, our reward does depend on the efforts we showed while on earth; 2) No one deserves salvtion, it isn’t earned but rather a free gift.

    Who can complain about others who are ‘less worthy’ receiving free salvation, when none of us is worthy of it either?

  3. Guido Says:

    True, they weren’t paid less than they were agreed to be paid, so they really couldn’t complain much – he didn’t breach a contract, but really was generous in that he gave the ones who came later more than they expected.

    Regarding the unlocks, since I do enjoy playing TF2 either way, I’m just glad when I get something now. I do hope Valve changes some things, but they did announce that they’d do something to make it less random overall. Let’s hope it’ll be good 🙂

  4. Travis Says:


    You continue to amazme me in our similarity of likeness. It’s neat to be able to read from someone who shares my views in religion, politics, and video games!!

  5. Scott Thong Says:

    Lolol you aren’t as alone as you think, Travis!

    For example, apparently the stereotype is that most Halo players are redneck hicks…

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