Transformers 2: Complete With the Spirit of Obama

I just watched Transformers 2, and while it’s just a little draggy at 2 & 1/2 hours and has some unnecessary toilet/frat humour, it’s great entertainment on the whole.

The non-bigoted among you will also be glad to know that Megan Fox thankfully keeps her tasteless rhetoric for which she isn’t going to apologize for off-screen (not that anyone actually goes to see her instead of the giant robots – even director Michael Bay dismisses some of her rantings, then she hits back by calling him Napoleon and Hitler-wannabe!).


But get this: In contrast to the first film where the President of the United States’ identity is hinted at but not made explicit, and a fictional Vice President calls the shots, this time around the President is clearly named as Obama.

And a very true to life Obama it is! Because while he doesn’t make an actual appearance, his presence is left throughout the movie.

Observe the following:

1) An official representative is sent by the President (Obama) himself to carry out the President’s will with the authority of the President’s signature. Said representative is nothing but an ostentatious career bureauweenie who is appointed – czar-like and overruling – over the heads of the military by the President himself, to oversee and eventually dismantle the Human-Autobot alliance… Despite having a total lack of experience or hands-on knowledge about the subject matter. [Leon Panetta and the CIA, Brian Deese and GM’s dismantling]

2) He ignores and belittles the experience and advice of troops on the ground who have actually been working with the Autobots to fight the Decepticons, in favour of his own (and by extension, Obama’s) pre-conceived notions. [Obama’s attitude towards General Petraeus and the Surge in Iraq]

3) He turns his back to the Autobots (again, merely reflecting the President’s stance) despite their history of cooperation, alliance and friendship. [Poland and Czech Republic, Israel]

4) He blames the Autobots for ‘attracting the Decepticons’ to attack Earth. [Much like Obama blames America for provoking terrorist attacks worldwide]

5) When the Decepticons issue an ultimatum and threats of mass destruction, he delivers the President’s policy of seeking diplomatic negotiations despite advice from those who know the Decepticons that negotiations and appeasement do not work with genocidal fanatics… And even if it means acquiescing to the enemy’s demands and sacrificing one of their own, innocent people. [Iran’s protests and nukes, North Korea and nukes, Russia and missile defense vis-a-vis Poland, Taliban in the Swat Valley of Pakistan]

Wahkakakakakaka! Who said there’s no reality in Hollywood? Apparently, Michael Bay isn’t much in the tank for Chairman Zero!

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23 Responses to “Transformers 2: Complete With the Spirit of Obama”

  1. warden Says:

    My friends and I burst out laughing in a sold out theater last night, at the “seeking diplomatic negotiations” line. Then we looked around and no one else was laughing.

  2. Scott Thong Says:

    It’s understandable, warden.. Outside of Transformers 2, in the rest of Hollyweird and the Lie-beral mainstream media, the Decepticrats have already brainwashed most of the populace with their host of Pretenders.

  3. pilocarpine Says:

    yes, most are brainwashed…. one see not the truth.. but the lies that being upheld as truth…

  4. sarah Says:

    It seemed to me that this was unnecessarily political. The president wasn’t mentioned by name in the last movie. I expected the storyline and writing to be horrible coming into the theater based on the last movie. All I was interested in was giant fighting robots. So I wasn’t really disappointed on either count. However, it was surprising to see the writers insert anything political. It suddenly all came together why the writing was so mindless and illogical, FoxNews was behind it. I suppose that works when you’re dealing with the mindless masses.

    Oh well. I’m hoping the success of this series will inspire a better movie as it did with Batman.

  5. armyanimaldoc Says:

    Sarah, stop drinking the Kool Aid, if you didn’t think that the mainstream media wasn’t in the tank for Obama and against Bush all the way when he was in office. You’re response provides no rebuttal for the mini-thesis of the author above. Take that from a mindless automaton grunt myself because all of us military are “Stuck in Iraq” according to John Kerry. No, I volunteered to go and leave my 3 kids because I believe in the mission, even more so having gone. Oh, and I took my two doctorate degrees with me. Game, Set, Match. Thanks for playing.

  6. Scott Thong Says:

    sarah, could you share with us why you think Fox News equates to mindless and illogical writing? Do you dislike Fox News for any particular reason?

    Could you also share with us why you like or support Obama?

  7. alex Says:

    I’m kind of torn – on the one hand, it’s clever, if blatant. On the other hand, it does a lot to glorify the military and violence in a kid’s movie, pooh-poohing negotiation and suggesting that the folks on the ground know what’s best all the time. It just smacks of a smaller government agenda which makes me uncomfortable when it’s presented under the guise of kid-friendly entertainment – especially entertainment geared at teen boys.

    It seems like an inappropriate context for savvy political criticism, though this certainly isn’t the first time kid’s entertainment has come brimming over with snide political commentary. I just wanted to see some bots get blown to hell, and it was a shame there was so much agenda being forced down my throat.

    I don’t mind the criticism, and I don’t mind the agenda in and of themselves. It just bugs me that we’re telling an audience largely comprised of young guys that the military is pretty effing cool, Megan Fox digs guys who get blown up, and negotiations are for ineffective bureaucratic wimps on a power trip (I hate bureaucracies as much as the next person, and I have no problem with taking down the paper shuffling yes-men a few pegs). I don’t think the comparison is legitimate, and in fact, I think it’s dangerous.

    Why are we telling the audience that our human enemies are similar to alien robots (e.g., not human at all)? We’ve done enough to dehumanize people of different beliefs, nationalities and races. We don’t need Transformers 2 to try and hit that home. In that respect, I think negotiation is very much needed and shouldn’t be treated like a dirty word. I have nothing but respect for the folks who put their lives on the line to protect this country, but I don’t think they’re always right, and I don’t think the military should call the shots all the time. I don’t think they should be pushed aside and ignored, either, though.

  8. Scott Thong Says:

    Well alex, perhaps we are all reading too much into the film!

    After all, from the very beginning Transformers has been about humans and Autobots fighting giant, alien robots who are merciless, compassionless and absolutely closed to meaningful negotiations. History has shown the Decepticons to break or cheat in every single treaty or agreement they have ever made (they’re called Decept-icons, duh).

    Who remembers when Megatron challenged Optimus Prime to a one-on-one fight, with the losers being exiled from Earth forever, but Megatron cheated by copying all the Decepticons’ powers and abilities? Exactly!

    And Transformers or not, I do think the military is ‘pretty effing cool’… Mostly for the way they blow up school/mosque/marketplace-bombing terrorists in Iraq in all these videos.

    Most of us are guys… It’s in our genetics to like big, noisy guns and mechanical toys.

    In any case, if Transformers 2 really does contain a political message and jibes against liberal values (i.e. Obama), then it’s still a minority among the majority of Hollywood releases that portray the military as short-sighted and intentionally inhumane, or glorify free sex (of all variants, including teenage), or America-is-evil-let’s-all-hug-and-the-terrorists-will-forgive-and-love-us. Or heck, any of the films specifically made to bash Bush or the factually-skewed stuff directed by Michael Moore.

    Although The Dark Knight and Iron Man have recently bucked the trend… What is it with comic books converted to the silver screen, eh?

    (In fact, this makes me remember that in the first Transformers film,weird stuff was happening and the in-film media said that scientists had ruled out global warming as the cause!)

  9. Norman Hines Says:

    But there was another comic book (excuse me, graphic novel) inspired movie that recently tanked; “Watchmen.” It was doctrinaire leftist right down the line, so much so that the evil president was Nixon himself (let the audiance boo and hiss)!

  10. Scott Thong Says:

    I knew I should have watched it!!!!!

  11. cmblake6 Says:

    Well, I’ll watch “Watchmen” for the action, and probably be slapping myself on the forehead for the politics. And I’ll undoubtedly OWN Transformers 2 for the cheering of the politics. What you ostrich leftist idiots don’t realize is the mentality of our enemy. The religious conditioning, ad infinitum. They don’t want peace, other than subservience. Their “holy book” tells them to lie to the infidel to gain the upper hand. To kill the “unbeliever”. You people refuse to think in the mind of the enemy. They’ll only negotiate to position themselves for advantage. True, not all muslims are terrorists. But damn near EVERY terrorist is a muslim. Some would like peace, no doubt. Others blow themselves up in shopping centers to kill the infidel. What’s THAT one over there’s idea? Do you know?

  12. alex Says:

    Weird, I thought I checked “notify me of follow up comments.” Anyway, thanks for your response, Scott, and yeah, maybe we are all reading too much into it, and all of this probably has a lot more to do with the way the movie was edited than any major political agenda. That seems a lot more probable to me than anything else. Still, I loved Batman and Iron Man, and I wanted to enjoy a couple of bad-ass robots blowing shit up. And I think Optimus Prime’s epic speeches are awesome and hilarious.

    It just bugged me to have something as sloppy and seemingly blatant thrown in there. If the Obama mention was a nod to Obama, so be it, that’s cool, but it doesn’t really jive with the plot. It was distracting, and it bugged me because it disrupted my suspension of disbelief. The whole reason I go to see the movie in the first place is to enjoy something that doesn’t require me to think or analyze, and when that came up it kinda screwed up that plan.

    As for your comment about liberal media vs. conservative media, I think it’s annoying when anyone shoves some sort of agenda down my throat. It’s good and fine when the message of a film is intended to show an alternative perspective, but it’s irritating when it demands that I agree or accept it, you know? So I think we’re all in agreement there for the most part.

  13. Scott Thong Says:

    Yeah, they probably could have been more subtle about the President’s identity – the first movie showed the not-quite-Bush’s cowboy boots and drawl. But what would clue us in subtly that the second movie’s President is Obama?

    Conservatives might see it the other way too – that it’s unfair that the tradition of not putting the current President into films was broken just for Obama, as if TV didn’t worship him enough!

  14. alex awesome Says:

    Yes, that’s exactly what I was getting at, I had heard that Obama was talking about how cool the movie was, and they put it in as a courtesy. Regardless of whether it was political commentary or a kudos to him personally, I found it jarring. It definitely interrupted the flow of the movie for me. Good post and interesting discussion!

  15. James Says:

    The author would be on point if only he could get his facts straight. For instance…

    I. Obama, as it turns out, is following the plan the Iraqis themselves have insisted on for the past year, withdrawal of US forces and the handing over of control of key areas to Iraqi police instead of US forces. Yes, the US military disagrees, but it’s not their country to run. I doubt the US would take kindly to Mexico trying to run Texas.

    II. The point of not trying to fight a war of attrition against terrorists is simple. We both correctly recognise that Osama Bin Laden and his crowd of loonies aren’t going to change. However, the al-Qaeda leadership is powerless without followers or support, and it is here that the right wing has it wrong. People do not mobilize to fight the US because of some inbred hate of everything America stands for. They fight America because they do not want

  16. James Says:

    The author would be on point if only he could get his facts straight. For instance…

    I. Obama, as it turns out, is following the plan the Iraqis themselves have insisted on for the past year, withdrawal of US forces and the handing over of control of key areas to Iraqi police instead of US forces. Yes, the US military disagrees, but it’s not their country to run. I doubt the US would take kindly to Mexico trying to run Texas.

    II. The point of not trying to fight a war of attrition against terrorists is simple. We both correctly recognise that Osama Bin Laden and his crowd of loonies aren’t going to change. However, the al-Qaeda leadership is powerless without followers or support, and it is here that the right wing has it wrong. People do not mobilize to fight the US because of some inbred hate of everything America stands for. They fight America because they see her as a social and military threat to their own countries and beliefs. If the US would withdraw and maybe even provide aid (to friendly – non terrorist affiliated – regimes), the situation would eventually subside to the point where al-Qaeda would find themselves out of recruits.

    III. The US has screwed over other countries big-time in the past. Deal with it. This was mostly in the context of the Cold War, and thus forgiveable to an extent. However, you can’t expect to do something like the overthrow of Mossadegh in Iran, and then expect the country to love you for installing the Shah (a playboy dictator) instead.

    Note: this in no way excuses any of the attacks on innocent US civilians or military personnel. I am trying to explain what the other side thinks, not justify it. Note that here I’m not referring to al-Qaeda converts, but to the people who al-Qaeda preys on as recruits. Their vision of America, as informed by their recent history, makes them sympathetic to Bin Laden, even if they disagree with him on other issues.

    IV. Turning his back on allies?

    With Poland, I presume that you’re referring to the missile shield. Two remarks:

    i. The missile shield was useless. It could’ve stopped (at most) 12 missiles out of the USSR’s arsenal of 10,000. If we’re talking about an Iranian threat, Iran has no beef (or not much of one, with Europe).

    ii. Obama NEEDS to get Russia’s cooperation on a number of things, most importantly the safeguarding of the former USSR’s plutonium stocks. Some of that stuff is kept behind bike chains in metal sheds, and would be completely lethal if placed in the hands of al-Qaeda. Even a relatively small warhead could kill a million if placed in New York City, and contaminate the area for 20+ years, depending on bomb design and contents.

    Sooo… that’s another godless liberal’s take on politics.

  17. armyanimaldoc Says:

    James, Obama is not “following the plan the Iraqis themselves have insisted on for the past year, withdrawal of US forces and the handing over of control of key areas to Iraqi police instead of US forces. Yes, the US military disagrees, but it’s not their country to run.” This was the plan President Bush had as well, and Obama is only able to execute it because of the successes of the Surge. This was also the initial plan for the invasion of Iraq (for reconstruction teams – I was on an Embedded Provincial Reconstruction Team in Babil Province, Iraq, in 2007) was not much different from the Surge, but the Viceroy, Paul Bremmer, had different ideas. He undermined the effort and exploited his own agenda, which included the demonizing of Chalabi and Talabani, who eventually because the legitimate leaders in Iraq anyway, with support of the people. We were behind the 8-ball because liberal ideologues in the State Department would torpedo their own mission if it meant they could make Bush look bad. The military doesn’t disagree either. In fact, if the same Surge philosophies were employed to effect in Afghanistan, cultural permutations factored it, similar success would follow. Mexico DOES try to run Texas, and just about every other border state. Now factor in 12 million illegals throughout the United States, and compound that with births of their children here and chain immigration (ever heard of it?). No, Alex, we’re not always right, but we’re right damn more often than than John Q. Public. As for dehumanizing people of different beliefs, nationalities, and races, look no further than radical Islamofascism for that attitude. Ask Nick Berg and Daniel Pearl how their negotiations went.

    Back to you, James. It’s not a war of attrition. It’s a war of conquest for the caliphate for the Islamofascists, and it’s a war of survival for us. You don’t get it. They stop fighting, there’s peace. We stop fighting, we’re dead. Thankfully, you’re not in a position to call the shots when it comes to my kids’ safety. They fight us because of who are (Americans, Christians and Jews) and what we stand for (liberty and democracy). Our history with radical Islam goes back to the Barbary Pirates and Tripoli. What had we done to them then? Nothing. bin Ladden has support because he, Wahabbists (al Qaeda, Saudi Arabia, Hamas, etc. on the Sunni side), and Jaish al Mahdi, Iran, and Hezbollah (Shia) indoctrinate their children (and adults) to hate, keeping their own people in the dark ages to manipulate and control their minds while scapegoating America and Israel. Read “Because They Hate” (Brigitte Gabriel) or watch the movie “Obsession” if you genuinely believe the Muslim world doesn’t want to destroy us “because of some inbred hate of everything America stands for.” We provide aid to Palestinians too, including $900M of our tax dollars to Hamas, and they still hate us. al Qaeda is defunct in Iraq. Keeping them on their toes in Iraq kept them off our soil. Stabilizing Iraq with the Surge troops who trained the new Iraqi Army and Police until they could stand on their own, along with public health, rule of law, governance, agricultural, education, and economic initiatives were profoundly successful, and I witnessed and assisted in it. Some examples of just a few of my projects in a myriad of overall Iraq War successes include the Central Euphrates Farmers’ Market and revitalization of the Baghdad Zoo, visited by tens of thousands of families weekly in complete safety. You’re dangerously naive.

    How long do you excuse hate for America and our values? Isaac and Ishmael? The Crusades? The Barbary Pirates? America is not perfect, but we’re damned near close to it in the global scheme of things. If you don’t know what I’m getting at, then here’s a little story from two weeks ago. I met Edward “Babe” Heffron and William “Wild Bill” Guarnere of “Band of Brothers” in Philadelphia’s Irish Pub for their book signing. I showed up in uniform, and they signed my photo of me and a friend with GEN Petraeus in Iraq, as well as a copy of their book. Heffron, who fought in Market Garden in Holland and Battle of the Bulge in Bostogne, liberated Kaufering Concentration Camp, and captured the Eagle’s Nest, admitted to me that his greatest fear was that after he died, someone (Obama) would go over to Europe and apologize to the world for his actions in WWII. Guarnere echoed the sentiment. You’re barely worthy of the sacrifice of any band of brothers with your blame-America-first mentality. Godless liberal indeed.

  18. armyanimaldoc Says:

    P.S. When I wrote “Sunni side” or “Shia side”, make no mistake (although countless others before you have) that the enemy of their enemy is their friend. They are happy to ally themselves throughout the globe in their unified hatred for us. That’s not too dissimilar from Megatron and Star Scream. They hate each other as well, but they’re happy to use the other for personal gain against a common enemy, the Autobots, who represent what the United States respresents. The military in the movie, as in real life, recognizes the true nature of the enemy, even when clueless libs and Obama don’t. It’s refreshing to see the movie take this stance, especially in light of the recent Superman movie where they can’t even say “Truth, Justice, and the American Way” anymore (instead it was “Truth, Justice, and all that stuff”).

  19. Scott Thong Says:

    Lololol Like your take on Megs and Scream…

    And regarding Supes, don’t forget either that G.I. Joe is no longer ‘A Real American Hero’ but now apparently stands for ‘Globally Integrated Joint Operating Entity’.

    What’s next, Wonder Woman’s costume updated to Blue and white (the U.N. flag) and ‘Captain World Citizen’ leading ‘The Appeasers, Earth’s Mightiest Diplomats’?

    PS. Not being much for celebrities, one of the few people in the world I would like to shake hands with, plus get an autographed photo of the moment, is General ‘Saved Iraq’ Petraeus.

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