Lousy Suicide Attempt in KL – Reminiscent of Scene in The Dark Knight

From The Star 10 July 2009:

My apologies if I’m being insensitive, but… Not very well acquainted physics?

Recall this comparable scene from The Dark Knight (Batman), starting from 1 minute 30 seconds:

A multi-storey fall only breaks your bones.

So unless she fell headfirst with her head tilted at a precise angle that would cause her neck to snap upon impact with the ground, she would most likely merely get a bad sprain or fractures, which would hurt like heck but would not end her tormented existence of suffering. (In fact, it would just add to the torment and suffering, physically.)

Methinks she was merely insincere about her ‘suicide’ attempt, and just wanted some attention.

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5 Responses to “Lousy Suicide Attempt in KL – Reminiscent of Scene in The Dark Knight”

  1. selvi Says:

    Me agrees!
    Sort of an emotional blackmail – if u don’t do what I want, i will kill myself! Boo hoo!

  2. pilocarpine Says:

    in medical, we called it parasuicidal… intention to do something close to suicide but have no pure intention actually to succeed in it…
    most women are parasuicidal..
    only men are suicidal..

  3. Snake Oil Baron Says:

    Stupid people try to commit suicide too ya know. Often people’s first suicide atempt is poorly thought out. Depression can interfere with higher reasoning skills and since those skills are pretty low in most people to begin with you can’t expect too much from a first atempt. Once she has some time to research the methods she’ll get it right. Choosing a suicide method is harder than one would think. There are different, often conflicting goals. How certain is the method of working? What are the risksof being mamed or left brain damaged if it fails? How painful will it be? Is there a possibility of kids or sensitive people finding the remains? Will the survival instict be able to thwart the atempt?

    No single method is perfect or fool proof.

  4. Snake Oil Baron Says:

    And in her defence, I bet that looks like a lot longer a drop when your sitting on the edge. Never choose a jump site from the top view.

  5. Simon Thong Says:

    Has she got her shoes on in that photo? If she has, chances are that she didn’t really want to..just crying out for help. Many of those who ‘succeeded’ took their shoes off, put them aside, and jumped. Leave their wallet or bag beside the shoes.

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