Poor Widdle Obama: Why No One Want to Shake My Hand?

Priceless moments from those straight-to-the-point Russians, via Moonbattery:

Looks like it’s not just Americans who are turning their backs to Obama and his politics.

10 Responses to “Poor Widdle Obama: Why No One Want to Shake My Hand?”

  1. D Says:

    Are you retarded? He was introducing them.

  2. bajurtov Says:



  3. Scott Thong Says:

    Lots of discussion about what actually transpired at

    Look at his facial expressions. His posture. His mouth. Compare the first two with the third and decide if each was an introduction or an attempted handshake.

  4. wyleong Says:

    The video was cut short in between, from the beginning of the handshakes to the end of the row. I think it’s just somebody’s attempt to make Obama look bad. I’m not his supporter, but I’m against deceit and tale-twisting.

    I’ve seen other stories which manipulated a series of photos or videos to make a magic trick look like a tragedy. The wonders of video editing. I have to say Obama was indeed doing introductions.

  5. themadjewess Says:

    LOL- your funny burning 🙂

  6. themadjewess Says:

    Im adding you to my blog-roll cuz ya crack me up 😉

  7. ACAB Says:

  8. cphilip Says:

    Hi scott,

    This is a must watch video. It is an interview with an ex kgb in 1985.
    According to him, Liberals and leftists are like political prostitutes and they are useful tools for enemies who want to bring down the last free country.

    He explained that only a small percentage of kgb investments goes into things that we see in James Bond movies like trying to obtain secret weapons, or espionage. Most of the time they are interested in how to bring down a country through subversion methods. And it only take 4 stages to bring a country down.

    Demoralization (15 – 20 years)
    Destabilization (Economy, Social, Media)
    Create Crises (Here is where people will start to look for a saviour)
    Normalization (here is where they have taken over power and therefore they have no more use of those political prostitutes)

  9. Mad Bluebird Says:

    Obamas polls are going down his approval is at 42% his disapproval is at 57% he is sinking and he hasnt been in for a year yet

  10. kesava Says:

    Watch Jimmy Kimmle:

    Obama’s National Address to Students

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