My Words For People Playing the Gates Case as Racist

The same as I responded to this Malaysian Insider article:

Wonderful job, sir. While Malaysia is in the midst of racial accusations orbiting the Teoh case, here you are playing right into Mr Gates’ attempt to frame the entire incident as a case of racism. (Well no duh, you’re his friend after all.)

Never mind the fact that if it had been an actual burglary by a black man and the police DIDN’T respond, Gates would have chewed them out for their lax attitude. Astute burglars would be on to a pretty good plan breaking into Gates’ home in the future, while wearing shoe polish – which cop wants to stick his neck out for Gates and be accused of racism round two?

Never mind that according to the police report filed by several cops, Gates was acting belligerent – everything short of “Don’t taze me, bro!” – or are the police lying the same way the CIA is claimed to have lied to Pelosi on torture?

Never mind that members of the police force of all races are backing the cop who carried out his duties coolly and responsibly – a cop who once gave mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to Reggie Lee. (It is a well known fact that racist men love to kiss other men of the race they hate.)

Would Gates have been suspected of being a burglar by neighbors if he were white? Try asking it this way: Would anyone get away with antagonizing the police no matter what color skin they were?

But really, thanks for giving us all a totally objective, all angles covered, well-rounded story here.

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