Even Teens in JB Have Guns

From The Star 7 Aug 2009:

Teen held after gun found on motorbike

JOHOR BARU: A teenager riding pillion on a motorcycle was detained after a revolver and six live bullets were found on the machine.

The teenager was caught by a team comprising members of various enforcement agencies conducting patrols and house checks along Lo- rong Surau at Kampung Melayu Pandan here yesterday.

“The teenager was on the motorcycle with another man. When they saw us, they turned to the opposite direction and tried to speed off,” said National Anti-Drug Agency’s Putrajaya deputy director of enforcement and safety Zainudin Abdullah.

However, the rider lost control of the motorcycle and the two fell off. The enforcement team caught the teenager but the rider fled.

The revolver and bullets were found on the motorcycle. The teenager was handed over to the police.

Zainudin said OPS Lenjan 1 included officers from the Immigration Depart- ment; Johor Baru City Council (MBJB), Rela, state Registration Department, state Religious Department and state Customs Department.

“The operation was done from house to house, based on earlier investigations which indicated the area had a high record of drug addicts,” he said.

Zainudin said 38 people, including foreigners, were detained for various offences in the operation.

“Fifteen of them tested positive for drugs, while 23 others are illegal immigrants,” he said, adding the operation started at 7am and ended at around noon.

Seri Alam police chief Supt Roslan Zainuddin said that police had identified the man who ran away.

I used to pass by that area every single day. Kudos to the police for their thorough operation!

One Response to “Even Teens in JB Have Guns”

  1. scottanne08 Says:

    I’m glad they are doing sthg abt the pandan area. I always knew they harbour wrongdoers there. Lots of bad influence for the Molek students.

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