USM TITAS Lecturer Who Slurred Other Religions in 2002

From The Star 5 Sept 2009:

PM: Don’t slur others

MARAN: Muslims should refrain from condemning or insulting other religions and their believers.

Instead, follow the true Islamic teachings of showing respect, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

And The Star 7 Sept 2009:

PM to Muslims: Learn tolerance, mutual respect

PUTRAJAYA: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has called on all Muslims to learn the lessons of religious tolerance and mutual respect among the races as taught by the Quran, saying this will in turn win them the respect of those of other faiths and backgrounds.

“Islam is a religion for all and it enforces a universal concept that looks out for races while also teaching us not to criticise other religions because this will only cause others to criticise us even more,” he told staff of the Prime Minister’s Department at its monthly gathering Monday.

Tell that to the TITAS (Tamadun Islam dan Tamadeun Asia) lecturer who, in Universiti Sains Malaysia’s Dewan Tunku Syed Putra (USM DTSP) packed with around 1000 captive university students from various schools attending the compulsory subject, declared that all religions apart from Islam were misguided and wrong, naming Christianity and Buddhism specifically.

And the kicker I will always remember him saying immediately after his non-muhibbah insults:

“Kamu jangan marah. Ini bukan opinion, ini FAKTA.”

(“You all don’t get offended. This is not opinion, this is FACT.”)

There were 1000 students in the hall with me that hour of that day who can attest to my story.

Mr Bigoted Lecturer, you can thank the merciful heavens that video-recording handphones were not widespread back in 2002.

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2 Responses to “USM TITAS Lecturer Who Slurred Other Religions in 2002”

  1. James Loh Says:

    Well, those good ole bigot days are now no longer here. With camera phones and youtubes, more and more of these bastards are being exposed to the public everyday.

    This idiotic lecturer can shove his f*ckta up his a$$.

  2. beroknagara Says:

    Naj*s is doing taqiya.
    In 2004, Naj*s Tong Rosak said “No one should question the right of muslims to slander non muslims”.

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