Why Does Arrogant 21st-Century Man Think UFOs are Technological?

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”Arthur C. Clarke

Oh, how full of hubris and self-praising is modern man! How arrogantly yet foolishly does he assume that he knows everything there is to know about everything!

Is this not the same mistake the ancients throughout the ages made? Those ignorant, uncultured barbarians who – knowing nothing of the wonders of science, yet thinking they already knew all in the universe – attributed all unusual phenomena to magic or the works of the gods?

Yet modern man is different – because this time, he really does know all in the universe!

For example, he knows that when the Bible tells of how Elijah was taken up into heaven by a chariot and horses of fire, the ancients who witnessed the scene did not comprehend the possibility of alien abduction by a UFO. But today, we know better!

Or… do we?

Who are we to assume that now, after a mere century or two of the scientific method, we have understood all there is to understand about anything?

Who are we to assume that when something mysterious and amazing happens, there must be a rational, scientific explanation for it?

Is everything science? Is everything technology?

You say yes. But did not ancient man say: Everything is magic? Everything is miracle?

More to the point, who are we to say – out of our limited, mortal minds with mere decades of experience – that UFOs must be of a technological nature?

Did not the ancients make similar mis-assumptions in the past – that everything they could not explain, from lightning to magnetism, was caused by magic?

Would not an ancient stare in awe at an M1-Abrams tank assailing the enemy, and run back to his jungle tribe telling of the great ‘dragon’ spitting ‘fire’ – the only thing he comprehends from his backwater culture that even remotely resembles what he just witnessed?

So who is modern, 21st-century man to assume he is correct in believing that UFOs are made of metals and energy sources and alien intelligence? Who is he to assume that he can one day discover and duplicate this ‘advanced science’ – since science the only thing his fragile and limited mind can interpret that even remotely resembles what he is accustomed to in his own ‘enlightened’ culture?

Is it not likely that, just as ancient man was wrong to assume everything unknown and wonderful was magic, it is wrong for modern man to assume that everything unexplained and puzzling is science?

It has been said before that if God were to appear in all His glory and power amidst flame and lightning, telling the unbelieving world “I AM HERE AND I AM REAL!” while simultaneously healing every known disease in every person… The skeptics would still dismiss it as a mass hallucination, intense psychosomatic influence, some massive government conspiracy – or yes, aliens – anything but the possibility that the supernatural does exist.

Thus, if modern man can be wrong to think that science is all there is to UFOs… Can he not be wrong to think that science is all there is to God as well, i.e. that God does not exist simply because science cannot prove Him?

Ponder that.

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