Pundit Kitchen ‘Loves’ Joe Biden – What the Lols Tell Us About Liberals and Their Obama

Pundit Kitchen is an ICanHasCheezburger-style collection of political lols and motivational posters. Browse around for a while, however, and you’ll start to notice that it has a decidedly liberal bent – most likely because more of its users and readers (and therefore voters for the lols) lean left.

That would explain why you have so many lols about how great Obama is.

And lols laughing at how dumb Palin is supposed to be.

And lols criticizing conservatives and their causes in general, such as the Tea Parties, Fox News and traditional marriage.

And of course, plenty of Bush bashing lols, which while not exclusively the domain of hardcore libs, remains a core foundation of that establishment.

But wait… If that’s the case, then why are there so many overwhelmingly negative lols mocking Joe Biden? And to a lesser extent, the Clintons? Aren’t they also Liberal Democrats? Why are they then being ridiculed by the same lolsters who idolize Liberal Democrat Obama so?

Zoom out a little, and you may reach the same conclusion as I did: That the liberal Pundit Kitcheners are deliberately drawing attention away from their Obamessiah’s flaws and failings.

Case in point: Amidst the countless Obama lols, you’ll be hard pressed to find any that portray him in a negative light. The closest you’ll get is lols sympathizing with how hard it must to be a President surrounded by buffoons and corrupt tax cheats (whose proximity to the White House the President had absolutely no control over).

This, despite the recent nonstop barrage of Obama’s missteps, such as eating ice-cream while the Iranian protestors die, Gates-gate, the imploding economy, crediting Islam for inventing stuff actually invented by the Chinese, defending government-run healthcare by pointing out how the (government-run) Post Office is floundering, etc.

Meanwhile, you can easily find lols aplenty laughing at how inept and senile good ‘ol Biden is… Despite the fact that he hasn’t made the news in months.

Thus, I am drawn to the conclusion that the Pundit Kitchen liberals are – just like their counterparts elsewhere online, in the media and in the physical world – desperately trying to protect their precious Dear Leader, even as his approval rating death spirals into the double digit negatives and his actions drive more people towards conservatism.

After all, if people stopped laughing at Biden and shuddering at Hillary for long enough, they might – horror! – actually notice that Obama’s shine had long ago worn off, exposing the incapable noob beneath.

(Heck, libs cherish their illusion of the great uniter so much, that they’re probably trying to fool themselves too!)

And thus, we have this:

Don’t worry, guys… There’s a far bigger joke in the driver’s seat, if only you dare to look!

UPDATE: Okay, so maybe I’m wrong or the tide has finally caught up. More and more posters mocking Congress, suporting troops etc. Maybe it’s because of the massive shift towards Conservatism since Obama began showing what he’s really made of?


UPDATE: Here’s the results of a poll as of 13 July 2010:

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6 Responses to “Pundit Kitchen ‘Loves’ Joe Biden – What the Lols Tell Us About Liberals and Their Obama”

  1. anon Says:

    Another explanation for anti-Biden sentiment on the left is that they are trying to scare those who would seek to take Obama out — by impeachment, resignation, assassination, whatever.

    They’re saying, “Look at what you’ll end up with if you get rid of Obama!” I’m pretty convinced that this is the reason Obama chose Joe as his running mate in the first place

  2. Scott Thong Says:

    Dude, astute obervation…

  3. wits0 Says:

    Dislike Obama? You must be racist.

  4. MachtsNicht Says:

    The new voting system now removes ALL Obama LOL’s before they can be posted. It’s basically a Liberal censorship net so you will never see anything bad about the Chosen One unless you hit “see other captions”.
    ALL conservative submissions simply disappear now.

  5. Simon Thong Says:

    maybe only human, not racist..

  6. jking Says:

    I have noticed that the more outspoken I get about my conservative viewpoints the more I get swept into a corner on ICHC. Even my non-political lol’s have been passed over for other people’s lol’s that weren’t as funny (not my own opinion, popular vote). Just today I saw a contest winner who had the second most votes to mine and I wasn’t even given second or third place. No matter how many votes you get, if the moderators don’t like you, you aren’t getting on the Front Page.

    Here is the site:

    Here are the winners:

    Here are the submissions displayed in order of most votes first:

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