Noordin Mat Top is a Johorean

Yes, the now dead terrorist he war born in Kluang.

Maybe that’s why another notorious terrorist hid in Johor.

From The Star 18 Sep 2009:

Wife wishes to bury Noordin in Johor Baru

JOHOR BARU: Slain terrorist Noor­din Md Top’s wife was calm when she heard that he had been killed by Indonesian police.

Her father, Rusdi Hamid, 67, said: “We were always prepared for such an outcome especially after the last time when he was suspected to have been killed.

“We will live our lives normally as it has been a long time since he has lived with us.”

He said yesterday that it was his daughter’s wish for her husband’s body to be returned home to be buried.

When met at his home in Kampung Sg Tiram here yesterday, Rusdi, a trader, said his daughter and Noordin’s three children, a boy, aged 10, and daughters aged nine and eight, had lost contact with Noordin for about eight years.

“Even after eight years, my daughter still wished for him to be buried here now that it is confirmed that he was killed.

“My daughter and grandchildren had to live without him but thankfully they are used to the situation,” he said.

Rusdi hoped that the media and other parties would leave his family alone now that it has been confirmed that Noordin was killed.

“As I said before, Noordin left his wife and three children suddenly eight years ago.

“We will carry on without him,” he said.

Rusdi added that he had to support his daughter and grandchildren who are living with him.

7 Responses to “Noordin Mat Top is a Johorean”

  1. wits0 Says:

    Top ends up bottom….beneath the ground surface.

    Cheh! Scott, why do you end up in Johor, that’s the worse state in the peninsular!

  2. SimonThong Says:

    Scott moved back to Ipoh in May. Clever move…

  3. Rashid Says:

    Good dat
    So whay is wrong with Johore?So Ipoh is a better place?I beg to differ.
    The last time I was in er I can’t remember.I think I bypass the town (sorry city) on my way up north.

  4. Scott Thong Says:

    It’s a good thing you bypassed Ipoh! If you stopped over there, you could have your door pulled off its hinges and be robbed in your own room, been robbed again and also slashed up (just for fun!) in the middle of the day, been rammed off the road and have your girlfriend gang raped, and be stabbed while sleeping in your own house by someone who cut a hole in the roof!

    Ipoh really is such a terrible place, no wonder you want to bypass it!

    Oh, wait… Sorry, wrong state. Never mind!

    (Incidentally, when is the last time anyone went to JB for the sake of visiting JB, and not simply passed through it in order to reach Singapore? Zing!)

    PS. Just kidding! JB is great. well, the people I know there are anyway. The place itself, no so much.

  5. taliban Says:

    i proud to be muslim and johorean .i salute noordin what it have done at the past.

  6. Scott Thong Says:

    Don’t bluff. You come from Sri Lanka.

  7. wits0 Says:

    Going South just to Johore is truly going South.

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