Pew Pew! Opinion in The Star Shoots Mahathir’s Hypocrisy on University Racial Mix

Wah ka ka ka! I actually mulled over it but decided not to blog about Dr. M’s latest selectively amnesiac ranting learned opinion.

From The Star 8 Oct 09 Opinions:

Dr M did not practise what he is preaching

HOW very refreshing to read the call by former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad for Malay students to enrol in institutions of higher learning with equal racial breakdown if they want to gain a competitive edge.

How right he is that if Malay students wish to attain superlative academic achievements, they must compete with others.

I wish Dr Mahathir had preached and practised this principle when he was Education Minister and then Prime Minister for 22 years.

I remember how I was chided for being “politically incorrect” and “acting against national interest” when I had used the same argument in advocating that a mere 10% of non-Malay students be admitted into my university’s Matriculation programme in the late 70s.



Don’t act surprised, Datuk Sharom Ahmat!

Dr. M is a renowned hypocrite on plenty of things.

But you can probably get away with blasting him in the media due to your status, ke ke ke!

PS. Meanwhile, another reader complains about the price of imported cars… Another poke in Mahathir’s eye!



Posters #11 and #12 from Malaysian Politics Motivational Posters

Tut tut, The Star… Just because the days of Ops Lalang are over! Ha ha ha!

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5 Responses to “Pew Pew! Opinion in The Star Shoots Mahathir’s Hypocrisy on University Racial Mix”

  1. tingo kim Says:

    all of you are all bullsh*t. who care abt racist . you are more racist anything . one finger at others three fingers are point at yourselfves.

  2. Scott Thong Says:

    haha lolwut

  3. joy Says:

    Like old record singing in new version:
    Roses are red violets are blue i have five fingers the middle one is for you

  4. Simon Thong Says:

    whenever joy appears, why is there less joy in the world

  5. joy Says:

    sorry simon..because this is the blog that really give love and joy to be shared together.

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