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Obama Golfs While Economy and Afghanistan Burn

November 25, 09

Via Gateway Pundit, via The Wall Street Journal:

Barack Obama has now played 25 rounds of golf, a sport he picked up about a decade ago when he was an Illinois state senator. That’s more golf than former President George W. Bush played in two terms, according to CBS White House correspondent Mark Knoller, who tracks presidential trivia. (In 2003, Mr. Bush quit golf, saying he did so out of respect for the troops serving in Iraq. Since leaving office, he has returned to the sport, an aide says.)

It took President Obama just just 9 months to match the number times President Bush played golf while in office over 8 years. Quite an achievement while the economy tanks, jobs go down the drain and two wars are ongoing – one that’s practically already won thanks to Bush and Petraeus (who have saved 750,000 Iraqi lives), and one that’s getting more and more bogged down as Obama refuses to bother with his responsibility as Commander in Chief.

As Gateway Pundit notes, it’s been over 3 months since the top general in Afghanistan requested more troops. Obama has still not made his decision on whether to support the US soldiers and marines in Afghanistan.

His mental faculties must all be tied down making the important decisions like whether to use a wood or an iron.

No wonder his approval rating is now at negative 15.

Via Day by Day:

Global Warming Theory is to Environmentalism as Blood Letting is to Healthcare

November 25, 09

The following dialetical illustration is inspired by and partly based on a commentor’s remarks.

In fact, he can probably spot plenty of his almost exact words in there somewhere… So kudos to him, eh?


Blood Lettist: You! You blood-letting denier!

Blood Letting Skeptic: What? Me?

Blood Lettist: Yes, you! Why do you spend hours blogging about how you think blood letting isn’t proven science and mocking those who are trying to save our precious bodies? You should use your time and effort to promoting healthcare instead of convincing people we’re just fine!

Blood Letting Skeptic: But I’m not saying we’re just fine. All I’m saying is that blood letting theory is based on faulty assumptions and is contradicted by available data.

Blood Lettist: You claim to reject the hard science based on data. But there is already a consensus on the science!

Blood Letting Skeptic: Just look around! The exact opposite of what blood letting theory claims is happening. More and more people have lots of blood in their bodies, yet their health is improving, not worsening as blood letting theory claims.

Blood Lettist: Whether you have decided to accept the science or reject it, even you know that the homeostatic balance of our bodies is out of whack and WE are the reason. Stop being part of the problem and help contribute to the solutions we so desperately need.

Blood Letting Skeptic: Yes, I admit and accept that our health is under jeapordy. Where do I ever deny it? I acknowledge the need to stop heart attacks, cancer and stroke. Just because I oppose blood letting theory does not mean I reject all other health issues. I simply think that blood letting will not accomplish anything for our health. Don’t conflate blood letting with healthcare in general.

Blood Lettist: Healthcare as a whole will benefit from awareness and mitigation efforts raised by the blood letting issue.

Blood Letting Skeptic: I disagree. If blood letting is not a real issue, then it is a waste of time, effort, money and public interest that could be far better focused on proven health issues. I mean, how does applying leeches or puncturing a hole into the head do anything at all to reduce obesity and fight tooth decay?

Blood Lettist: You must be on the payroll of Big Aromatherapy. There are those people who help and contribute to protecting our fragile health and those who delight in twisting scientific information in order to ingratiate themselves and maintain the status quo that is destroying what we have left to hand down to future generations. You obviously fall into the latter. Shame on you and your narrow minded view of the big picture.

Blood Letting Skeptic: Wait a minute… It isn’t blood letting skeptics who have been twisting the data to hide what they know – that our blood pressure is NOT rising!

Blood Lettist: I’m afraid attitudes like yours are the reason our children will be left with nothing but the dregs we decide not to consume or destroy.

Blood Letting Skeptic: Look who’s talking. I am sure I have far less blood in my skinny frame than the fat and bloated politicians, celebrities and bureaucrats who travel around the world getting tranfusions of blood into their veins while telling us to shed our own.

Blood Lettist: Enough of this denial! Just stop being part of the problem and help contribute to the solutions we so desperately need.

Blood Letting Skeptic: I really am trying to contribute to the solution to the problem. But we get nowhere fast if we make a start based on ignoring the facts and continue onwards guided by wrong assumptions. If blood letting theory is wrong, then we are only making existing, real problems worse by putting all our focus on the wrong priorities.


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