Who Really Gives a Bad Name to Islam?

I mean, seriously people…

Which of the below do you think really gives Islam a bad name and makes nonMuslims think it is a religion of violence, deathness and hatefestivities?









Answer that, and then focus your debating/persuading (and bashing, insults and trolling) that ‘Islam = peace’ in that direction.

(Not that I don’t thoroughly enjoy smacking you trolls around.)

RPK has his answer:

I have said this before: the Muslims are Islam’s greatest enemy. It is the conduct of Muslims that is giving Islam a bad name.

See also related arguments.

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18 Responses to “Who Really Gives a Bad Name to Islam?”

  1. meet joe black Says:

    am surprised allah need protection? or some people think they are more right n imposed their will upon others,what abt hassan ali sul kulim seemed pas n pkr close case…n put under carpet…islam has a long history of violence likking stoning are common trairs now they use another more civilised way..put u to jail legally.,this is scary…

  2. Mad Bluebird Says:

    So why is that scumpig holding the head wearing the hood why dont he want his cowardly face seen? HE DESERVES A SNIPER BULLET RIGHT BETWEEN HIS EYES

  3. Nasaei Ahmad Says:

    Yes, the actions of some bad Muslims gravely tarnished the image of the religion of Islam to the world. Some of them behaved and acted like cowboys, uncivilized pagan, even worst. As Muslim, I can’t imagine how a Muslims abductor lost their sense of humane and sanity to behead his victim!

    But man killing another people happened not only in Muslim world or community alone. We noticed Christians killed another Christian, Hindus killing his fellow hindu, in many parts of the worlds for reasons only known to themselves.

    No such teaching in the Quran that permits killing EXCEPT for legal reasons tht allowed by court etc.

    It is recorded in the Quran, at times God revealed His intention to create Adam, the angel asked: “Oh Allah, are you going to create human race that is prone to fighting and killing his fellow brothers?”. Then God (Allah) said..” You do not know what I do know..”

  4. Adifferentview Says:

    I often grab a quick meal at a mamak shop, and along the road are several groceries and a shop that sells lottery numbers…soldiers from the army barracks nearby frequent the groceries for cigarettes (Winston!) and are the majority of the lottery shop’s customers. Soldiers are almost inevitably muslim.

  5. loop Says:

    Perfect criminals.But the first picture on the top look more smoother and express perfectly illuminati. Look at him, with eye of insurgent and an aggresor.A perfect illuminati from the lodge.And a pen in a hand ready to antagonize ,control and manipulate others for the own benefit.A real animal.

    The third picture is common in sequence maybe because so much publicity being attained by you before.

  6. loop Says:

    I was at Penang last night. Passing by a kopitiam shop. A group of youth non muslim sitting there drink coffee and smoking too but the smokers are girls..!! not Winston of course but the cool taste one.

  7. loop Says:

    That’s the problem with the lottery shop’s. When the goverment intends to banned it than they will issue it as a racist.

  8. Adifferentview Says:

    But why should the govt ban lottery shops for the sake of muslims? and deprive chinese of their right to gamble and lose money, sinful tho that may be?

  9. loop Says:

    The truth is nobody interfere the chinese to gamble and lose money .The money are theirs but it is stupid to lose it that way .And ‘the stupidgiving’ a bad name to muslim’ may Allah throw them in the hell of fire.

    I am thinking if Islam is a religion of violence, deathness and hatefestivities then there are still a long battle without deathness on the other side ‘the verses that oppose homosex’.Wonder how strong are their sex or are they really sex maniac?

  10. Mad Bluebird Says:

    You can imagine if someone held up a sign reading CRUSIFI THOSE WHO INSULT CHRITIANITY ever major birdcage linner THE NEWS YORK SLIMES,WASHINGTON COMPOST,ATLANTA URINAL/CONSTIPATION,CHICAGO TRASHBIN,NEWSREEK,SLIME,as well as the talking heads would be blabbering it for days

  11. zdubs Says:

    No of course Islam doesn’t equal peace. It equals war, just like Christianity. It’s a tool for social engineering and advancing political agendas just like Christianity. Nothing new here.

  12. Scott Thong Says:

    In practise, what doesn’t equal war, zdubs?

  13. wits0 Says:

    “In practise, what doesn’t equal war, zdubs?”

    Yes. Some knows when to stop and stopped killing apostates centuries ago.

    Some pacifists Buddhist countries have not long ago fallen preys to internal tyranny of the horrendous sort, e.g. Cambodia and now is still in the grasp of dictators, is Burma. Looks like people cannot be overly passive.

  14. Adifferentview Says:

    zdubs equals What?

  15. Nasaei Ahmad Says:

    I laughed at myself when reading ” zdubs’ ” comment above. Funny! He equates and generalized Islam and Christiany to be “war mongers”! You will find every type of people visiting this blog. Scott’s blog has becomes a ‘hodgepodge’ of views and funny comments. What about the distorted and misleading non Muslim’s interpretation of “jihad”?

  16. ♡♥♡☮ ThaaNie BiebeR ☮♡♥♡ Says:

    @zdubs ;
    You need to know sumthing before you speak!

  17. ♡♥♡☮ ThaaNie BiebeR ☮♡♥♡ Says:

    I totally agree to what ‘Nasaei Ahmad’ had said! 😀

  18. jay Says:

    what ? islam is religion of peace,look at the islamic heavens somalia,afghanistan,pakistan,syria,…….etc. Allah,is watching you with a hidden cam.so pray 20 times a day.

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