Which is More Effective?

The Second Amendment: Because criminals and psycho killer don’t obey NO GUNS ALLOWED rules, only law-abiding citizens (aka victims) do.

Rape Deterrence:


Which Would Best Protect Your Daughter’s Health?:

By Chuck Assay:


Via Moonbattery:

From here via Ann Coulter’s links:

Via Moonbattery:

http://www.thearmedcitizen.com/ – A collection of new stories where gun-carrying civilians stop criminals dead in their tracks (pun intended).

More guns, less crime in 2009.

Even MSNDC has to admit it:

Via Moonbattery:

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10 Responses to “Which is More Effective?”

  1. cmblake6 Says:

    Read this, work this.

  2. Mad Bluebird Says:

    Its easy for a bunch of wealthy liberals to tell us we dont need guns for protection since they have their armed bodyguards to protect them 24/7 but us ordirary citizens cant afford bodyguards so we have our 2nd amendment and our guns for self defense and if the liberals dont like it tell them to GO POUND SAND

  3. Scott Thong Says:

    A conservative is a liberal who has been mugged (by reality).

  4. Birdzilla Says:

    Only a complete idiot belives that gun free zones will stop shootings

  5. greefer Says:

    WOW……..I love the “Loud Crash at 3am” poster!

    Its a total anti-Gun advertisement.

    Go ahead, grab the AK (or the “legal semi-automatic version” of the AK).

    Its a great way to accidentally shoot a loved one who went downstairs to get a glass of water.

  6. Scott Thong Says:

    Agreed, it’s a great excuse to off her old and very rich husband while the death tax is taking a break! And yet, such instances seldom appear in the news – more often than not, it’s a very unpleasantly surprised criminal on the receiving end.

  7. bleep Says:

    Guns of the United States Border Patrol
    by Jim Krieger (03/09/10)
    The United States has roughly 7,000 miles of land border, and since 1924 the men and women of the Border Patrol have had the difficult, often lonely, and sometimes deadly duty of monitoring and patrolling those long and mostly sparsely-settled stretches. …

  8. Harry Sokaden Says:

    Why no one robs a 7-11 in Israel

  9. bambam Says:

    Obama Approval Index: -21 (matches lowest yet)

  10. shot Says:

    I will never give up and that is my only asset. If I have to march on Washington DC by myself, then I will. But, somehow, I get the distinct feeling that America won’t let that happen. America has my back. Never let the naysayers get you down. God bless.

    Check out the march at http://www.secondamendmentmarch.com.

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