Malaysian Churches Attacked Over ‘Allah Row’

Running tally of which churches and other targets have been hit so far.

1) Metro Tabernacle Church (Assemblies of God) at 12.30am, 8 Jan 2010
2) Assumption Church (Roman Catholic) at 4am, 8 Jan 2010
3) Life Tabernacle Church (Brethren) at 9am, 8 Jan 2010
4) Good Shepherd Lutheran Church (Lutheran)
5) All Saints’ Church, Taiping (first local Anglican church and heritage site)
5+1) A Rawang church which had stolen equipment
School 1) SMK Convent, Taiping (Roman Catholic)
6) Malacca Baptist Church, Malacca (Baptist)
7) Good Shepherd Church, Miri
8.) Sidang Injil Borneo, Seremban 2
9) St Elizabeth Church, Kota Tinggi
10) Grace Global Prayer church, Seremban

1) A priest at the Agape Revival Church in Pandan Indah, Ampang, at 6.30pm, 8 Jan 2010
2) A car belonging to a pastor in Bukit Tengah

1) The Herald website (Roman Catholic) on 2 Jan 2010
2) The Malaysian Judiciary website on night on 7 Jan 2010
3) Lawyer’s office representing the Catholic Church in the Herald case
4) Van belonging to Calvary church

1) A surau in Klang
2) Masjid Ar-Riyadh in Kota Samarahan near Kuching
3) 2 suraus near Muar
4) Wild boar heads thrown at mosques near Seri Sentosa

1) A Sikh temple in KL was stoned

Although The Herald is a Roman Catholic publication and is the main focus of the legal issue, the attackers make no distinction between different branches of Christianity in their assaults – any denomination will do, as long as they are Christian churches.


8 Responses to “Malaysian Churches Attacked Over ‘Allah Row’”

  1. Simon Thong Says:

    my cousin attends Life Chapel..

  2. cruelangel Says:

    Allah Bless Them who burn with hatred

  3. Simon Thong Says:

    only the front porch was damaged at Life Chapel

  4. Rose Madder Says:

    cruel angel: you have perverted the word “angel”. you and your fellow head-choppers and child rapists are perverts. your allach is the devil incarnate.

    Good will triumph over evil

  5. Nasaei Ahmad Says:

    You see how peoples failed to use their brain in their actions..! Majority of Muslim scholars said there is no objection to use word “Allah” with good faith and not deceitful or to confuse) by any Abrahamic faiths (Christinity or Judaism), we still find peoples who believe their ideas are correct, not the Islamic at all. SOME of the peoples who condemn/ commets here are also the same! (see above). The cannot differentiate between ‘driver and the car’, between law breakers, bad apples and the ordinary law obdient citizen.

    We Malaysians of any race, any religions have lived for hundreds year with harmony and solidarity..why let parochial sentiments influence their actions, their sober mind ?

    I believe the arsonist were stupid boys or youths or so. I do think a matured mad did such a heinous crime that is damned by any given religion !

  6. azumah Says:

    Koch (the former mayor of New York City, kids) does fumble rather comically at the crucial moment: “We’re, uh, afraid to call them Muslim, uh, Isl-uh, Islamist, uh, terrorists.” We’re afraid to call them something, that’s for sure.

    Still and all, Koch says many good things here.

  7. Fire-Bombing Church: Non-Muslims use the word “Allah” and get bombed! « Dianej Says:

    […] He claims two other churches had trouble there. Here is a link to his site………. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Napolitano Does Not Wish To Use The Word […]

  8. bumi non malayha Says:

    The reason is simple…UMNO Racist want to take Selangor state by Evil deeds. So the Best response is to burn ALL UMNO Cawangan, RTM, NSTP and MSM or Propoganda sites. Note UMNO Cawangan to be burnt down. What use these Racist Organiation like UMNO. Notice how BN is quiet…like a non issues!! A racist bigot game no doubt to GRAB Power!!

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