Johor: 8 Burglars Gang Rape Wife

It’s been a while… From The Star 2 Mar 2010:

Burglars gang-rape housewife

JOHOR BARU: Burglars broke into a house in Kangkar Pulai here early Sunday and gang-raped a housewife after tying up her family.

The incident occurred at about 6am when the husband, who woke up to perform his prayers, discovered at least eight men inside his double-storey house.

The intruders, who had entered through an unlocked window at the back of the house, grabbed some knives from the kitchen and threatened the husband before waking up his wife and baby.

While the husband, in his 20s, was being bound, at least six of the robbers took the wife upstairs.

The woman, who is also in her 20s and studying at a local university, pleaded to them to release her. But they started beating her and threatened to kill. The robbers took turns to rape her.

The husband, who tried to put up a fight, was beaten up.

The robbers fled with some cash and electrical items while the husband rushed his wife to the hospital where a police report was lodged.

Police sources confirmed the incident adding that three men have been detained to assist in investigations.

In an unrelated case, a security guard molested a tuition teacher in her 20s at Taman Impian Emas in Skudai several days ago.

The guard approached the teacher while she was walking alone at about 7.45pm and threatened to harm her if she did not follow him.

It is learnt that the suspect led the teacher to an isolated area and tried to rape her but could not as she was menstruating.

He fled the scene after molesting the woman.

Police are looking for the guard who is believed to be working at a residential area in the neighbourhood.

Update: 22 arrested.

Update: Three charged.

2 Responses to “Johor: 8 Burglars Gang Rape Wife”

  1. Mad Bluebird Says:

    Track down the thugs and hang them all from a tree

  2. Simon Thong Says:

    More likely, shot (riddledwith bullet holes) while attacking the police. No loss to anyone except their families (who may or not profit from their ill-gotten gains).

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