Anything Goes – Modern Moonbats Version

Anything Goes was a classic Depression-era song, composed during a time when everything seemed topsy-turvy and upside-down.

Yes, Fallout 3 is to blame for giving me this ear worm.

Anyway, the original lyrics were full of references to then-contemporary happenings of the time, including the President back then FDR (who basically turned a recession into the Great Depression with his New Deal).

Today, liberals have made things even more turned-180-degrees-around, and we have a President who is trying to implement a New New Deal. So what better time to release an updated version of that classic song, complete with helpful and informative links?

To the tune of the original…


Anything Goes – Modern Moonbats Version

Times have changed
And we’ve sadly rewound the clock
Since the Donkeys got quite a shock
When ol’ Ronald knocked off their blocks

For today
It seems that we will never learn
For we’re seeing a startling turn
Jimmy Carter’s second term

When Barack H. reaps record deficits
Then chides us all for spending it
Then we know
Anything goes!

When he and Joe, Iraq wanted to quit
But now take credit for saving it
Then it shows
Anything goes!

And Harry gloats today
Don’t need no votes today
Congress is nuts today
Tax hikes are cuts‘ today
And that failed bank today
We bailed out yesterday
Still billions owes

When lib’rals kill their unborn babies
But want to free all of those crazies
On death row
Anything goes!

When insulting Beck is journalism
While Tea Parties are all just racism
Olbie knows
Anything goes!

If U.N. pols fear global warming
When outside a blizzard is storming
And Gore’s froze-d
Anything goes!

We won’t drill for oil
While China takes our spoils
Carbon pollution less
The UN’s looting us
Pachauri‘s still in charge
Though glaciers still loom large
And Climategates grow

When both the Russians and the Chinese,
Can chide us for being too communist
Then they know
Anything goes!

If schools teach kids cruising and fisting
But prayer is non-existing
Then Jennings knows
Anything goes!

When airport types won’t quiz young Muslim men
But search nuns octogenerian
Then we know
Anything goes!

Cheney can take a hike
Though terror acts have spiked
The border’s open wide
The CIA’s un-spied
Iran is nuclear now
While our President bows
And kowtows to despots

The USA is on the precipice
Of being forever socialist
‘Cause Democrats know
Anything goes!


If anyone can assist in putting this to song/video in TNOYF style, do lend a hand!

See also another cover song, Tears in Heaven – Atheist Despair Version.

14 Responses to “Anything Goes – Modern Moonbats Version”

  1. bidden Says:

    Take this, I`m not using it

  2. goldilocks Says:

    “Rahm Emanuel is son of the devil’s spawn, Rep. Eric Massa (D-NY) said. “He is an individual who would sell his mother to get a vote. He would strap his children to the front end of a steam locomotive.”

    Rep. Massa describes a confrontation with Emanuel in a shower: “I am showering, naked as a jaybird, and here comes Rahm Emanuel, not even with a towel wrapped around his tush, poking his finger in my chest, yelling at me.”

  3. goldilocks Says:

    Dan Rather: ‘Articulate’ Obama Couldn’t Even ‘Sell Watermelons’

    Read more:

  4. bleep Says:

    The Obama administration will accept no more public input for a federal strategy that could prohibit U.S. citizens from fishing the nation’s oceans, coastal areas, Great Lakes, and even inland waters.

    Save the Humans!

  5. Scott Thong Says:

    Thanks for all the links, bidden or etc! Keep them coming!

  6. bambicare Says:

    “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.” – Speaker Nabcy Pelosi

    If you don’t believe us, ask YouTube.

    And Pelosi is not alone in equating knowledge of the bill’s contents to enactment of it. Consider the lead paragraph of this Associated Press dispatch about Sen. Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas, who cast the deciding vote allowing passage of the Senate’s version of ObamaCare;

    “A moderate Democrat insisted Tuesday she remained opposed to pushing a health care bill through the Senate with a simple majority vote, despite saying she wanted to see what was in the legislation.”

    These people are trying to sell us a pig in a poke. Actually, that’s not quite right: They’ve failed to sell us a pig in a poke. At nearly every opportunity, voters have responded to the ObamaCare sales pitch by shouting “No!”–even going so far as to elect a Republican to the Senate from Massachusetts.

    But if Pelosi and President Obama have their way, we will get their pig, and will we ever pay for it. Is it any wonder that, as the Associated Press reports, “Americans have come to detest Congress ever more deeply as it nears the end of a nasty fight over health care”?

  7. hahahaha Says:

    Cartoon Network beat CNN, MSNBC

  8. masada Says:

    If I were the Israelis, not only would I bomb Iran, but I’d do so in such a way as to create as much trouble for China, Russia, Europe and the United States as possible. Are the Israelis less obnoxious than me? I guess we’ll find out soon enough . . . .

  9. masada Says:

    Obama has an abiding commitment to Israel: To Israel’s destruction that is.

  10. masada Says:

    Since taking office, Obama has refused to approve any major Israeli requests for U.S. weapons platforms or advanced systems. Officials said this included proposed Israeli procurement of AH-64D Apache attack helicopters, refueling systems, advanced munitions and data on a stealth variant of the F-15E.

    “All signs indicate that this will continue in 2010,” a congressional source familiar with the Israeli military requests said. “This is really an embargo, but nobody talks about it publicly.”

  11. goldilocks Says:

    Why did Putin humiliate Clinton (you mean he didn’t make her sit on a lower stool for the gathered media)? Jennifer Rubin explain:

    In short, the Russians have now shown us what resetting the U.S.-Russian relationship means. Putin has figured out that there is no risk — so long as you aren’t a small democratic ally of the U.S. — of incurring the wrath of the Obami. No condemnations or even frowns will be forthcoming. This is, you see, what comes from throwing ourselves at our adversaries’ feet and scorning our allies. Adversaries learn to take advantage of us while friends learn not to trust us.

  12. goldilocks Says:

  13. smartgirl Says:

    Congressman Bart Stupak (D-MI) and his 12 so-called”pro-life” Dems
    caved in today, and sold their souls to vote”pro-abortion” and fund child-killing
    on an unprecedented scale. While Stupak boasted his district suddenly received

    over $700,000 for airport upgrades, he also dared to claim victory after trading his

    vote for a phony executive order that President Obama knows cannot overrule his

    new “health” care law that funds abortion.

    Two Democrats both admitted the executive order is a sham,

    that will not reduce abortion funds by even one penny.

  14. bcbg anything can happen dress Says:

    bcbg anything can happen dress

    Anything Goes – Modern Moonbats Version | LEADING MALAYSIAN NEOCON

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