Mario Text Adventure (Gamebook Nostalgia Style)

Via Ace of Spades HQ, at IGN here.

A sample:


It is a bright and sunny afternoon; the sky is vibrant blue with only a single cloud floating above. The ground is suspiciously flat. A green mountain looms in the distance. A pleasant tune plays in the background. One thing’s for sure: it is a beautiful day for a stroll.

Look / Look at Self / Jump / Walk Forward / Walk Backward / Wait

(Chose Look at Self)

You are a dapper plumber of Italian descent. You dress in a typical blue collar wardrobe: rugged red denim overalls cover your classic shirt with a color that matches your hair. On top of your head is a well-fitted painter’s cap that’s firmly in place. A thick mustache adorns your face.

(Chose Walk Backward)

You find your progress stopped by some impenetrable force. Clearly you cannot go that way.

(Chose Wait)

The happy background music that fills the world suddenly picks up pace, alerting you of unseen danger. Up above, you notice a countdown clock that ticks at an alarming rate. 100 ticks becomes 90… 80… 70… The music continues to play at that fast rate.

So old-school gamebook scene description!

Fun to experiment with the choices for a while, especially if you know your classic Super Mario Bros on the NES/Famicom.

See also The Gamebook Metaphor – God’s Omniscience and Human Free Will for a related post, as well as links to html based Fighting Fantasy and Lone Wolf online gamebooks.

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