Muhyiddin Says He’s No Racist (So What’s He Doing in UMNO?)

…Which Dr. M considers racist?

From The Star 16 April 2010:

Muhyiddin: I’m no racist

Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said he was not being racist when he said he was Malay first and Malaysian second.

He said he was merely evaluating the position of the Malay race in society.

Speaking during the launch of the 1Malaysia Motivation Expedition Squad by Gagasan Pelajar Melayu Semenanjung (GPMS) at Universiti Malaya, Muhyiddin said there was no need for him to be apologetic.

“Although there are some who label me an ultra for saying that I am Malay first, I am no racist,” he said, adding that young Malays lag behind the other races, especially in education.”

Hey, don’t be so shy laaaaah. You have lots of buddies what, you won’t feel lonely one:

One Response to “Muhyiddin Says He’s No Racist (So What’s He Doing in UMNO?)”

  1. Nasaei Ahmad Says:

    I’m not prejudice or whatever..but sorry..might be some politicians usually have hidden agendas that they didn’t tell you every thing. They have goals to achieve; they are ambitious. What is their goal? Win the peoples’ hearts and win elections…and stay in power..or gain posts/power?

    We lucky if all of them are honest and sincere. ALL of them? Do they always speak from the bottom of their heart?

    We don’t know.

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