Tell Me How Sarah Palin Would Be a Worse President

Than someone who:

Goes golfing instead of paying last respects to the deceased Polish leadership.

Gives an American DVD collection (that doesn’t even run on PAL systems) to Britain’s PM as the official gift.

Gives an iPod with one’s own speeches to the Queen of England as the official gift.

Returns the bust of Winston Churchill to the British.

Bows to the leaders of China, Japan, and Saudi Arabia.

Lets the Dalai Lama out the garbage door.

Leaves the Israeli PM hanging in order to have dinner, and no photos together allowed.

Disses the President of Afghanistan after his election victory.

Opposes the legal and constitutional ouster of Honduras’ President, then belittles the free and democratic elections held to choose his successor.

Attacks private citizens who dare raise criticisms (when did Bush ever do this with any of his countless 24/7 critics?).

Contrast with going to great lengths to accomodate the leaders of Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Venezuala, Burma, Sudan – which has earned the USA squat in reciprocation.

Focuses on passing socialized healthcare that the majority of Americans don’t want, restricting carbon emissions to stop global warming that hasn’t been happening for the past 15 years, open-borders illegal alien amnesty… Anything but jobs (10% unemployment) and the faltering economy (2 trillion debt) which is the number one concern of most Americans now.

Goes golfing, shooting hoops, two vacations while a masses oil leak destroys the environment.

Boy, aren’t you glad we dodged that IDIOT Sarah Palin? /sarc

And as I recall, she was running for Vice President.

6 Responses to “Tell Me How Sarah Palin Would Be a Worse President”

  1. Robert Says:

    She’d quit the moment she got a better paying gig.

  2. Ron Says:

    “Attacks private citizens who dare raise criticisms (when did Bush ever do this with any of his countless 24/7 critics?”


    Homeland Security Act
    Suspension of Habeas Corpus

    Any of these ring a bell?

  3. Cosmic Condor Says:

    Obama the worse president in americas history

  4. Hester Says:

    Are you kidding? You are an idiot! Get a clue.

  5. Fester Says:

    Obama is the Mahdi (Messiah), his gig is not over till the Crescent flies over the Black House.

  6. wits0 Says:

    Is that TOTUS human and can it ever speak plainly without haranguing pomposity?

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