Shotgunning Grandpa Protects Home From Four Robbers

Second Amendment for Malaysia!

From The Star 27 April 2010:

Plucky Rela captain opens fire on robbers, hitting two of them

ALOR GAJAH: A feisty 60-year-old grandfather foiled a gang robbery at his home early yesterday morning by opening fire on two of the knife-wielding intruders.

It was about 5am when four robbers broke into E Lai Choon’s double-storey bungalow in a well-known resort town off the PLUS North-South Expressway.

“I was awakened by a loud banging sound and the cries of my 30-month-old grandson coming from the room on the first floor where my 30-year-old son and his wife were sleeping.

No escape: Rescue 911 personnel treating the robber’s gunshot wounds next to the highway after he was nabbed by police yesterday.

“I suspected something amiss. I peeked out through the door and saw two masked figures standing outside my son’s room,” he said, adding that the robbers had armed themselves with knives taken from his kitchen.

A Rela captain and platoon leader, E grabbed his shotgun from under his bed and told his 53-year-old wife to remain silent.

“I loaded my gun with four rounds and I caught them by surprise when I discharged all four rounds towards them at once,” he said, adding that he managed to hit two of them.

Overcome by panic, he said their accomplices literally shoved the two injured robbers out of the back room window to escape.

E, who alerted the Simpang Ampat police station nearby, said the robbers escaped on foot and headed for the highway about 300m away.

“I am thankful my family was unharmed. The robbers had tied my son and daughter-in-law with wire and television cords and threatened to kill them if they resisted,” he added.

Malacca police chief Senior Asst Comm (I) Datuk Mohd Rodwan Mohd Yusof said one of the injured robbers, an East Javanese in his 30s, was nabbed about 250m from the highway following a police hunt.
Platoon leader E.

“We believe four of them were supposed to rob the family and then make off with another accomplice in a get-away car parked next to the highway.

However, two of them escaped in the car, leaving three of their accomplices behind, he said at the scene.

Based on initial investigations, he said the gang comprised foreigners and were nicked-named Gang Subuh (Dawn Gang), owing to their preferred time for robbing.

He said over 60 police personnel and five tracker dogs scoured the area next to the highway for the remaining two robbers, one of whom is believed to have been shot in the arm.

“We have alerted police in neighbouring states including Pahang to keep a look-out for the gang.

“We have also notified hospitals and clinics to alert us if they get patients seeking treatment for gunshot wounds, he said.

He commended E for his bravery, adding that the grandfather had acted within his rights when defending his family and property.

Wish I had a personal firearm to use on knifey robbers back then too!

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One Response to “Shotgunning Grandpa Protects Home From Four Robbers”

  1. Cosmic Condor Says:

    Good for him he showed those miserble punks they were not going to steal from his home

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