Penny Arcade: High Speed Bandwidth That You Pay For

Penny Arcade High Speed Bandwidth

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So it seems that the Streamyx, P1W1Max (WiMax), or etc. lousy connection that never reaches the potential 1gbps you paid for problem is not just limited to Malaysia.

5 Responses to “Penny Arcade: High Speed Bandwidth That You Pay For”

  1. Jamie Says:

    Didn’t know Tiamat was a customer service rep…

  2. Zack T Says:

    I’ll be upgrading my streamyx account from 512kbps to the 1Mbps some time sooon

    I really hope it IS worth the amount…. though my friend (who has 1Mbps) says the downloading (torrents or direct) is rather fast and smooth…

  3. Ron Says:

    Whoa, if 1 Mbps is being peddled as high speed in Malaysia, you guys have my sympathies.

  4. Zack T Says:

    Ron, Ron, Ron…

    Don’t misunderstand me..

    I said ‘rather fast and smooth’… I didn’t say that it’s considered ‘high speed’ or ‘ub3r fast speed’….

    but then again, it is in the simple things that we should be thankful for. ^_^

  5. Scott Thong Says:

    It’s good enough at least that I can run Team Fortress 2 without getting completely pwned.

    Hmm, thankful… I’m thankful I’m not a dirt-poor former Communist who has to toil away in a rice paddy instead of commenting using imperialist capitalist-pig technology (thank you American troops in Vietnam, genuinely).

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