4000 Years in 4 minutes – Israel Animated History

On a tip from hutchrun:

Not 100% Biblically accurate due to lots of abridgement, but entertaining and historically enlightening for the post-Biblical parts.

See also this pictorial history of the creation of Israel.

And another:

And via The Jawa Report, Jerusalem: 4000 Years in 5 Minutes:

And via The Jawa Report:

Tipped by hutchrun:


By the way, it was Jordan illegally occupying Jerusalem up until 1967.

Combined 816 mentions by name and synonym Zion. And zero times by name in the Quran.

See also amazing archaeological finds confirming the Bible’s historical claims at this site.

From Melanie Phillips:

The San Remo Treaty of 1920, in which the victors of the First World War parcelled out the remnants of the defeated Ottoman Empire, created a geographical area called Palestine along both sides of the Jordan River.

Article 6 of the Palestine Mandate signed by the League of Nations in 1922 stipulated ‘close Jewish settlement’ on the land west of the Jordan River. The river served as the boundary because that year the UK created a new Arab country, today known as Jordan, by unilaterally bestowing the land east of the river onto the Hashemite dynasty and thus giving some three quarters of Palestine away.

That Mandate treaty obligation to settle the Jews in Palestine from the river to the sea has never been abrogated and endures today. The 1945 UN Charter, Chapter XII, Article 80 explicitly says than nothing within it shall ‘alter in any manner the rights whatsoever of any states or any peoples or the terms of existing international instruments to which Members of the United Nations may respectively be parties’.

Furthermore, Israel’s ‘occupation’ of these areas is legal twice over – since it merely gained them in a war of self-defence in 1967, and is thus legally entitled to hold onto them until the belligerents stop waging war upon it. Which they still have not.

On a tip from hutchrun, as always an often, archaeology proves the Jewish claim to Jerusalem:

Underneath the four-story modern house, 18 years of digging revealed what Siebenberg calls “the perfect continuation of Jewish history in one place.” The base layer has emptied burial caves from the era of King David and King Solomon some 3,000 years ago.

Above that are the remains of a Hasmonean mansion inhabited by children of the Maccabees – the heroes of Hanukkah fame — who ruled Judea from 142-63 BCE after liberating it from the Syrian-Greeks.

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Jewish Ghettos and the Holocaust: An Argument for the Second Ammendment

7 Responses to “4000 Years in 4 minutes – Israel Animated History”

  1. Robert Says:

    Of course it’s not Biblically accurate! Is the Lord of the Rings?

  2. Simon Thong Says:

    The Lord of the Rings is both great reading and great entertainment! Read it umpteen times. Still read it at least once in 2 years, having forgotten chunks of it by then. He has darkness, doubt, despair, dread but also light, belief, hope and courage…

  3. hutchrun Says:

    LOTR is closer to Wagner`s “Der Ring des Nibelungen” – not the Bible.

  4. hutchrun Says:

    Poor, starving Gaza ‘Palestinians’ to get … laptops

  5. hutchrun Says:

    Richard Goldstone – the kapo who claims to sit in judgment on Israel’s actions during Operation Cast Lead – sent 28 blacks to their deaths in apartheid South Africa in the 1980’s. But some of the other sentences Goldstone handed out are nearly as troublesome.

    He was just following orders.

  6. hutchrun Says:

    Dershowitz: That’s what Mengele said too

    Following the revelations, prominent American lawyer Alan Dershowitz compared Goldston’e defense to that of Nazi war criminals. “Goldstone took a job as an apartheid judge. He allowed dozens of black people who were unfairly tried to be executed,” Dershowitz told Channel 2 TV.

    “You know, a lot of people say we just followed the law, German judges… That’s what (German SS officer and physician Josef) Mengele said too. That was Mengele’s defense and that was what everybody said in Nazi Germany. ‘We just followed the law.’ When you are in an apartheid country like South Africa, you don’t follow the law,” Dershowitz added.

  7. ari Says:

    Whiny little rump king complains: Israel trying to prevent him from going nuclear

    Israel has denied the accusations. About 65,000 tons of uranium ore were discovered in the deserts outside Amman in 2007, and geologists are combing other parts of the country for additional deposits which could be marketed as is or used in proposed Jordanian plants for domestic and exported power.

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