How the Obama Administration Tackles Terrorism Attempts on American Soil

First, quick roundup by Ann Coulter here.

Using the ongoing case of attempted NYT bomber Faisal Shahzad:

1) Immediately releases information on who they suspect in order to look like they’re doing something, tipping the perp off and causing him to try and make a hasty getaway.

2) Much-touted ‘the system that worksloses track of perp and then failed to stop him from buying a plane ticket, getting a boarding pass, getting past customs, and actually taking off. Despite perp being on the terror watch list for 11 years, they took him off the list shortly after Obama took office, despite his posting on terror sites since 2006.

3) Continues to put its focus on Conservatives and Tea Partiers as the real threat, which leads to these kind of totally unreal conjectures and the media having no clue as to perp’s motive. Even after the culprit is caught and confesses and it’s found out he hates Bush.

4) In the end, the day is saved and the culprit apprehended due to attentive T-shirt vendors and Jack Bauer not being popular among jihadists.

5) And remember: Don’t jump to conclusions. Unless you’re going to conclude that the perp is a white police officer or 80-year old lady Tea Partier.

Cheney can take a hike
Though terror acts have spiked
The border’s open wide
The CIA’s un-spied
Iran is nuclear now
While our President bows
And kowtows to despots

When airport types won’t quiz young Muslim men
But search nuns octogenerian
Then we know
Anything Goes!

4 Responses to “How the Obama Administration Tackles Terrorism Attempts on American Soil”

  1. Ron Says:

    Odd that Ann voices her displeasure with the Patriot Act only now — eight and a half years after Bush signed it into law. Oh well, better late than never.

  2. Scott Thong Says:

    You have to put in the the context of her view that throught the Bush War on Terror there were no terror attacks on American soil.

    Odd, I thought apologizing for America’s meanness across the world was supposed to appease their easily hurt sensitivities.

  3. hutchrun Says:

    Only a “real biggie” will open the eyes of these dumb americans. I am increasingly led to believe that these “nipped in the bud” incidents, are manufactured to shore up that White House muslim muslim apostate`s popularity.
    Only a real Big One will wakle up the Americans from their complacency.

  4. hutchrun Says:

    oops that cackle was intended to be:

    “Only a real Big One will wake up the Americans from their complacency.”

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