Ace of Spades HQ on Why the Left Hates Conservative Media

From Ace of Spades HQ:

So, all else being equal, it makes perfect sense for the 15-20% of our population that barely knows anything at all to politics to stick to the safe harbor of the default script.

This is the MFM’s greatest achievement — that for this 15-20% of the population that has no serious, structure political beliefs at all, an adherence to the general basics of liberalism is the default setting. All ties go to the liberals, in other words, and that’s big thing, isn’t it?

And that is why I fluctuate between treating the Democratic Party and the MFM as our top opponents in politics. Yes, it’s the Democratic Party on the ballot every two years.

But, as Andrew Breitbart rages in his stump speech [here], it’s actually the MFM which props the Democratic Party up by delivering unto them 15-20% of the public they never had to convince or fight for. 15-20% of the vote is delivered to the liberal camp every election simply because the media has established that’s the way nice people who just want what’s good — and want the least hassle over politics — vote.

And I think a fair number of partisan liberals understand this (far more than would be willing to admit it) and that accounts for their rage at FoxNews and Rush Limbaugh and any other contrary voice. If the Democrats’ advantage among soft-liberal apathetics declined to 15-20% to 10% or 5% or (God Forbid!) no advantage at all, they could start seriously losing elections.

Makes sense to me!

The main body of the post is actually regarding why Time Newsweek magazine is going bust. Spoiler:

If you look at television — the days of general interest programming are almost gone entirely. TV shows tend to skew, harder and harder, to one specific demographic and less effort to appeal to anyone other than that demographic.

At any rate — to be brief (ahem) — I think that is what has doomed Newsweek. Not really its liberalism, or its lying about it.

But the simple fact that Newsweek always existed for people who didn’t like or care about politics, but simply wanted to make some token gesture of being a well-informed citizen concerned about such matters. It was never read by people who seriously cared about these matters, but in fact played almost exclusively to those who precisely did not care.

It was pretend politics for the pretense of it.

But people are getting out of that habit. If someone is not interested in politics anymore, they feel less and less an obligation to even pretend to keep up with it with a fake news magazine like Newsweek.

If you really care about politics, you can read any one of a dozen magazines that give you a more substantive look at the news.

If you don’t really care about politics, you can read Newsweek, but then again, why the hell should you?

And Newsweek was a manner of “keeping up” with politics for someone who would rather be reading celebrity gossip.

Newsweek’s chief competitor wasn’t The Economist.

Newsweek’s chief competitor was actually People Magazine.

People won.

9 Responses to “Ace of Spades HQ on Why the Left Hates Conservative Media”

  1. hutchrun Says:

    Dear Money Morning Reader,


    Whether you like it or not, your life is affected by all three from “cradle to grave.”

    But I’ve learned it doesn’t have to be that way… not anymore!

    I’d like to introduce you to our friends over at the Sovereign Society. They’ve just updated their bestseller – The PASSPORT BOOK: The Complete Guide to Offshore Residency, Dual Citizenship & Second Passports by former Congressman, Robert Bauman.

    In Robert’s book, you’ll learn about the “hidden underbelly” of international traveling and all of the closely-guarded legal secrets of an accomplished and well-respected attorney and Congressman with over 40 years of experience that will show you dozens of strategies that could legally decrease your income and property taxes, exempt yourself from numerous government regulations, and maintain your personal privacy from spying government bureaucrats and databases.

    Since the first edition of this book (this is its seventh edition!), Robert has been enriching peoples’ lives and teaching them about the many benefits of traveling and living overseas.

    Mike Ward
    Publisher, Money Morning

  2. Ron Says:

    “The main body of the post is actually regarding why Time magazine is going bust.”

    Yet the quoted reference states it’s Newsweek that’s up for sale.

    Stress created by those additional cleaning chores on Saturday, perhaps?

  3. Scott Thong Says:

    Whoops, true. Slashed and corrected.

    Thank you sub-editor Ron.

  4. Simon Thong Says:

    Old faithful isn’t as regular as old Ron… 🙂

  5. hutchrun Says:

    The corruption of modern liberalism is evident across the spectrum of political ideology. The sanctity of life has devolved into the rejection of capital punishment while simultaneously negating both the value and the rights of the unborn. The dignity of human person has been distorted to support euthanasia for both unwanted infants and the elderly infirm. Equality before the law has become a bludgeon in the hands of criminals and a straightjacket to constrain victims. Collective conscience has become the underpinning of nonjudgmentalism, whereby every form of perversion gains acceptance as an “alternative lifestyle.” The notion of divinity has vanished altogether, replaced by the self-worship of secular humanism.

    Oblivious to these resounding contradictions, secular Jews have rallied to modern liberalism under the banner of tikkun olam, literally “the rectification of the world.” In its new, common usage, however, tikkun olam means something very different from what it meant when the concept was first articulated over 32 centuries ago.

    Advocacy for saving the rainforests and for saving the whales, for developing renewable resources and for leaving a smaller carbon footprint — these are just some of the enterprises gathered by pop-Jewish philosophy under the umbrella of tikkun olam. According to the ancient wisdom of the Torah, however, every human being is a microcosm of Creation, a world — or olam — unto himself. Yes, it is important for human beings to act as responsible custodians of the Almighty’s world, but the rectification of the universe is a process that ultimately begins and ends within oneself.

  6. Ron Says:

    Based on my experience, I’d say less than 20% of the population gives a tinkers damn about politics. Most people’s main concern is to make a living and enjoy their lives. Deep down they know the Democrat/Republican dichotomy is a smokescreen, because once elected, all politicians end up serving their own self-interests at public expense. If they vote at all, they tend to cast their ballot for the most photogenic candidate or the one who promises to throw a few extra scraps their way — that is to say, it’s really just a congeniality contest.

    Obama won for two reasons:

    1) because he was more charismatic than McCain, and
    2) people were tired of Republicans after eight years under Bush.

  7. hutchrun Says:

    Tick off Obama. Go sign the petition. Let’s make this one go viral.

  8. hutchrun Says:

    on Sunday May 23, churches around the United States will hear sermons about supporting Israel. Here’s part of what Pastor Hagee has to say about it.

  9. pigs-have-wings Says:

    HILARIOUS VIDEO of the Day: Spoiled Lefty Celebs Teach Illegal Aliens to Speak English

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