‘Something Wrong With Your Car’ Robbery Scam

From The Star 19 May 2010:

Trader loses RM1,000 to ‘faulty car’ robbers

JOHOR BARU: A 69-year-old trader who stopped his car along the Tebrau Highway thinking something was wrong with his vehicle was instead robbed of RM1,000.

Chu Yim Leong said the robbery took place at 3.45pm on May 12 when a blue Kancil car driven by a woman started honking and flashing her lights.

“I thought something was wrong with my car and I stopped by the side of a road between a hypermarket and a petrol station,” he said.

“The blue car stopped and when I was about to get down, a man rushed into my car and grabbed me by the shirt,” he told reporters at a press conference at the Southern Chinese Press Club here.

Chu said the man smashed his car’s rearview mirror and threatened to punch him.

The man searched his pockets and found RM1,000.

But when the man tried to forcefully remove his ring on his finger, Chu screamed.

“I screamed because of the pain and that scared the man who jumped out of my car and ran to the blue car and escaped,” he said.

He said no one came to his aid.

Johor Baru (South) OCPD Asst Comm Zainuddin Yaakob confirmed the report.

If you think something’s wrong with your car but nothing seems to be life-threatening, pull over at the petrol station or hypermart, not th middle of the road. Who can spot what’s happening, decide on a course of action, and safely pull over to help you on a highway?

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