Perry Marshall – 7 Biology Myths an Electrical Engineer Would Never Tolerate

An excellently written, quite clear piece – 7 Biology Myths an Electrical Engineer Would Never Tolerate by Perry Marshall, introduced to me by my dad.

His basic thrust on the topic overall is that macroevolution is true, however the traditional Darwinistic idea of it being random and unguided is a fallacy. You could say that he holds to a fusion of evolution and Intelligent Design, which gels with my own Sin Theory of Evolution.

An excerpt, which is actuall the conclusion:

BOLD HYPOTHESIS: When Biologists accept what Electrical Engineers know about information, a whole bunch of problems in biology will be solved:

1. The random mutation theory will be discarded. It will be replaced with Transposition, Natural Genetic Engineering, Horizontal Gene Transfer and Genome Doubling. Suddenly evolution will make sense because it is understood as an engineered process not random accident.

2. We’ll discover that what was originally thought to be junk DNA is actually the heart of the most sophisticated database format ever devised.

3a. Evolution will not be taken for granted but deeply appreciated as an utterly ingenious mechanism, pre-programmed into living things. As software engineers replicate the evolutionary algorithm in computer programs, we’ll achieve huge breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence.

3b: Evolution is orchestrated at a very high level within the organism. It is controlled by a mechanism that is currently poorly understood. This mechanism is beautifully efficient, elegant, fractal, and follows a very exact mathematical protocol. Bioninformatics will become the most rigorous discipline in engineering. The ‘code’ of this protocol will be cracked because of the Human Genome Project and the public availability of DNA sequences. This discovery will lay the foundation of an entire new branch of Computer Science in the 21st century.

4. The “Physics and Chemistry” paradigm of biology will be replaced with a “Bioinformatics” paradigm. Evolution and the origin of life theories will make much more successful predictions.

5. Neo-Darwinism will be discarded because biologists will recognize that biological evolution is just like Genetic Algorithms: It employs pre-programmed goals and educated guesses, not random chance.

6. Rather than assuming designs in biology are “pathetic” or “stupid” we’ll discover deeper reasons for why organisms are the way they are. And greater insights into the subtlety of living things.

7. Everything in biology makes sense once you understand that every single one of the 5 million trillion trillion cells on earth is purposeful and intentional and the original cells were designed to evolve and adapt.

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  1. Felix Rocha-Martinez Says:

    Please read my response to “7 Biology Myths an Electrical Engineer Would Never Tolerate” in I will also appreciate your comments to my response in 3 parts to Richard Dawkins’s article “The Angry Evolutionist”,

    Felix Rocha-Martinez

  2. simonthongwh Says:


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