Team Fortress 2 – Circa 1890 A.D.


Used to be this:

Click the image to go to the start of the full comic.

Apparently, those are Abe Lincoln Pyro, Fun Manchu Spy, Billy the Kid Scout, John Henry Heavy, Engineer with a tuning fork… And I’m guessing myself a Davy Crockett-ish Sniper, a Union Army Soldier, a Wild West Prospector Demoman, and a Barber/Surgeon Medic (Dr. Barber lol).

You learn the origins of the Administrator, the Hale family’s current ownership of Mann Co., the rivalry between ‘Blu’tarch and ‘Red’mond, where the various game maps take place, and of course why two teams of psychopaths are slugging it out over those maps continually on Steam.

One question remains, though – what does Elizabeth (i.e. the Administrator) stand to gain from prolonging the violent feud between the Mann sons over half a century, and how did she end up running both BLU and RED with neither brother knowing of her double dealing? Sequel!!!

Scott Ramsoomair says, Only Valve could add a story to TF2, well done.

UPDATE: Apparently, the characters are:

Scout: Billy the Kid
Soldier: Stonewall Jackson
Pyro: Abe Lincoln
Demoman: Alfred Nobel
Heavy: John Henry
Engineer: Nikola Tesla
Medic: Sigmund Freud
Sniper: Davy Crocket
Spy: Fu Manchu

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