10 Ways Obama Has Been Annoying Americans

A list of Obama’s recent actions that have contributed to his free-fall in the polls, in the form of helpful advice.

Via AoSHQ, a summary of the full article from Pajamas Media:

1) ‘Post-racial’ Obama talks race all the time, no matter the situation. Even al-Qaeda’s motivation is ‘racism’, cos he doesn’t dare mention their religion!

2) Golfs way too much during crises.

3) Appointments turn out controversial in background or current speech.

4) Michelle Obama always complains angrily when making a public announcement.

5) Obama brings up America’s flaws and past sins much more than he praises it – even when he does, he must have the disclaimer ‘but’ and then mention another shortcoming.

6) Lives the high life of parties and vacations whiles simultaneously telling us how bad the ‘rich’ are for living like they’re rich.

7) Blame Bush!

8.) Praises and prioritizes Islam and Muslims.

9) Spend spend spend!

10) Green! whoops, not how to close the deficit and get the economy and employment running, that’s greenback.

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