If You Pick This Car For Yourself…

Ford Mustang

You’re a Conservative.

If you pick one of these:

Spira4u (made of solid, life-protecting foam!)

Photosynthesis Car

GM Xiao

Smart Car

Smart Car

Carpuccino (at just £6.90 per km!)

GM Paracité


HumanCar Imagine PS

Tango t600


Hybrids like Toyota Prius (oh wait, that’s just the result of getting the nickel for the batteries, which have maybe 8 years of life before replacement with a new one. Environmentalism yeah!)

Toilet Bike Neo (aka Poopcycle


You’re a Liberal.

(And you wonder why GM is eating Ford’s dust in sales.)

See also this parody video via Dan Mitchell:

PS. Check out the comments at Moonbattery’s featurage.

PPS. Via AoSHQ from Doug Ross:

11 Responses to “If You Pick This Car For Yourself…”

  1. Ron Says:

    That’s odd — conservatives in North America usually drive F-150 pickups and Chevy Suburbans plastered with Jesus, Bush, and NRA stickers.

    And I thought the ultimate Beng mobile in Malaysia/Singapore was a Honda Civic pimped out with disco lights and a sound system that can be heard three blocks away?

  2. Scott Thong Says:

    Good point Ron, I could add in some SUVs, pickups, hummers and maybe a NASCAR rally car.

  3. Paul Moore Says:

    I had the Mustang in ’69 at age 20- now I drive the F150. I guess that would make me..
    What were those things?

  4. Eric Says:

    I’m still driving my ’99 Mustang Cobra ‘vert, with great pleasure. It gets 19 city, 24 hwy. When gas was near $5, I got a 25 year old motorcycle, which quickly paid for its self. I suppose the next car I get will be some kind of shoebox, but I’m keeping the ‘stang, and the bike. The new Fiesta looks good, although it is rather pricey, and I wish they would start producing more cars that run on CNG.

  5. John Thomas Says:

    I drive an F150. I don’t have any Bush, NRA or Jesus stickers. Those are all too far left wing for me.

  6. car headrest dvd player Says:

    what’s all the debate.I will take the ford mustang GT please.thnx

  7. endüstriyel mutfak Says:

    had the Mustang in ’69 at age 20- now I drive the F150. I guess that would make me..

  8. 2carz Says:

    cool pics but i love the frist one alot

  9. Bob Says:

    Good, but your second smart car isn’t a smart car!

  10. Scott Thong Says:

    Hm? Okay, didn’t realize that… So what’s the second (not)smart car actually?

  11. Larwyn’s Linx: Is Petraeus Scandal an Obama Scandal? | Preppers Universe Says:

    […] If You Pick This Car For Yourself…: Malaysian NeoconW.H. Gave Battery Maker A123 Systems $ 1 Million The Day It Filed For Bankruptcy: WZThe Chevy Volt of Bangladesh: DriveArabia […]

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