Quote on First Peoples of the Day

…a bunch of hippy-dippy neo-flower children dorks are trying to make Native Americans into a bunch of hippy-dippy neo-flower children dorks too. Native Americans are a valiant warrior people, not a gaggle of neutered, simpering, feeling-sharing embarrassments like the cultural elite that buys into this kind of Gaia-centric, pseudo-profound twit-speak.

These are not innocent nature children frolicking with wildlife in the meadow – Native Americans are a tough, brave, ass-kicking people with a complex and profound spirituality that goes far beyond cheap sticker slogans. Yet the progressives would rather infantilize these warriors by crediting them with some made-up quote that has nothing to do with their religion and putting it next to a drawing of Big Chief Stereotype.

Annoying Leftist Bumperstickers (Part 2): The Revenge

Lol! Yeah, these folk were hardened mass-hunters, people killers, slavers and forest arsonists. Pretty fitting role models for the modern politically correct academic /sarc

2 Responses to “Quote on First Peoples of the Day”

  1. Ron Says:

    FYI, bumper stickers is two words, not one…. and yes, I’m pedantic.

  2. quesera Says:

    Now, where can I get some of these idiot, foul whites as slaves. Some whipping everyday will make them grow up fast.

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