They Came From Behind! *GKK*

Batman Silent Takedown

Click the comic snippet above to view the full comic.

Old but I’m posting it now because I just played the Batman: Arkham Asylum demo (which is really short but gives a taste of the fun).

See also similar themed Penny Arcade comic.

7 Responses to “They Came From Behind! *GKK*”

  1. Zack T Says:

    Batman: Arkham Asylum!!! Best game ever!!! XD
    Bought a genuine copy of the game when I visited KL some time back…
    If you’re a fan of Batman.. or better yet, a fan of Joker… you’ll love the game. XD

  2. Scott Thong Says:

    I highly recommend Steam to you

    Due to not having to support cost of CDs, logistics, inventory etc they can offer crazy sales. Right now it’s 66% off Oblivion IV – ends up much cheaper than genuine local physical copies, and sometimes even cheaper than the lousy-quality pirated ones!

    Now I’m waiting for a sale on Batman, Transformers, Magic, and a bunch of others.

  3. Zack T Says:

    I’m a pirating cheapskate. =P
    Batman is the only game I have that’s actually genuine…. minus the few games that are free to download..

    then again, I don’t have much time to just spend hours playing already, so… it’s ok. Thanks. =)

  4. Zack T Says:

    What I want is Batman 2!!

    View the short trailer here.. haha. Mark Hamill!! XD

    I recall seeing the news that Mark Hamill said that he will be retiring from voicing Joker after Batman: Arkham Asylum… but he voiced Joker for the trailer… so can’t wait to find out what the 2nd Batman Arkham game comes out.

  5. Posky Says:

    This comic is very enjoyable and, more importantly, true to life.

    Also that video game is one of the few I’ve played this year. It is so good that I’m going to use it to win my girlfriend back. And it’s going to work.

  6. You Lucky Dog Says:

    Ron Sveden thought he might have lung cancer and lived with that fear since Memorial Day weekend, when he arrived at Cape Cod Hospital and an x-ray detected a small dark spot resembling a tumor in his left lung. He’s a smoker who suffers from emphysema. But the “spreading mass,” examined in a biopsy, turned out to be a pea that sprouted in his chest.

    Sveden’s lung was swollen and inflamed around the pea, making the problem difficult to diagnose at first, said Dr. Scott Slater, Sveden’s pulmonologist.

  7. plum-et Says:

    Whatever happened to Buffy——–

    Peru battles rabid vampire bats after 500 people bitten

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