Superman to His Son: I Love You, But You’re Not Real

The most touching, tear-jerker moment in the whole Justice League series. From the Justice League Unlimited episode, For the Man Who Has Everything (summary of episode at link):

Smoother and more complete context version starting from 3 minutes 30 seconds:

“Van… When you were born, it was the happiest day iof my life. When I first saw your beautiful face… Your tiny fingers squeezed my hand so tight. Like you never wanted to let go. I’ve watched every step, every struggle… But Van, I… But I don’t think you’re real. I don’t think any of this is real.”

“Don’t say that daddy. Please. You’re scaring me.”

“No, no… I don’t wanna scare you Van. You are everything I ever wanted in a son. This… This is everything I ever wanted in a life. But I’ve got responsibilities Van. I… Have to go now.”


“I promise you. I’ll never forget.”

Imagine it for yourself…. Think about the ones you love dearest, and imagine if you were to suddenly wake up and realize Your wife/husband/son/daughter is all just a dream. Would you want to be awake, or would rather live on in the dream world (that seems so real to you)? Would you be willing to take the red pill? Would you choose the unhappy truth over the blissful lie?

It makes me sad just to think about it.


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One Response to “Superman to His Son: I Love You, But You’re Not Real”

  1. Zack T Says:

    Hahaha… Yes, I love that episode from Justice League.. A real good emotional moment.

    Even had a short moment for Batman too.

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