No, Sir, Non-existant Global Warming Does Not Cause More Tornados

From The Star 18 Aug 2010:

Teach public how to deal with tornadoes

Vong Chin Siang’s recent picture of a tiny tornado in The Star’s “Thumbnails” is one more proof that mini-tornadoes exist in the country.

Mini-tornadoes were behind some of the reported freak storms that blew off roofs and toppled trees around the northern part of the country recently.

This phenomenon has been reported in several neighbouring countries but its existence has not been acknowledged by the local authorities.

They are created by rotating wind systems in the thunderclouds and become mini-tornadoes when the bottom end of the spinning wind column touches the ground.

Fortunately, their lifetime is short, lasting from several seconds to several minutes. However, they can cause destruction to the buildings and trees that come in contact with them.

Vong’s picture of the tiny tornado clearly showed the flying debris that can be very dangerous to people caught outdoors.

The final approach of a mini-tornado is usually accompanied by a loud roaring sound like that of a big truck or train.

Therefore, anyone who witnesses sudden strong winds and then hears a loud roaring sound should immediate seek shelter under a table or bed to avoid being struck by debris from damaged roofs or broken trees.

Several mini-tornado events occur around the country every year and with global warming, this phenomenon is expected to increase in the future. It is more common but less dramatic than the tsunami.

Perhaps the authorities should acknowledge its existence and come up with a simple safety procedure that can be posted on notice boards in schools and public buildings around the country.


Kuala Lumpur.

Well then, since rising global temperatures will cause more tornados, we can look forward to fewer tornados. Because there has been no statistically significant warming in the past 15 years, despite continually rising carbon dioxide levels.

Besides, doesn’t he know that apparently Global Warming Reduces Tornadoes and Hurricanes?

See Global Warming is Unfactual for much, much more.

8 Responses to “No, Sir, Non-existant Global Warming Does Not Cause More Tornados”

  1. Zack T Says:

    Don’t you know Global Warming causes both warm and cold weathers… both increases and decreases natural disasters?

    Silly Thong…

  2. osibisa Says:

    who got the paper, i got the match

  3. Mad Bluebird Says:

    Back in 2005 after HURRICANE KATRINA devistated NEW ORLEANS they were predicting ever worst in 2006 led by AL GORE and the idiots from GREENPEACE they were conjering up doom and destruction becuase of GLOBAL WARMING and nothing happened kind of like all the idiotic predictions of PAUL EHRLICH and nothing happened EHRLICH is a FALSE PROPHET

  4. SimonThong Says:

    Zack, it is very convenient to blame both warm and cold weather on the same phenomenon; that way,you can neverbe wrong. But that is the problem: global warming claims to be scientific but is not falsifiable.

    I don’t want to call you silly. Frivolous?

  5. Zack T Says:

    Hahaha…. I know.. and that was exactly my point.. haha.

    Sorry if my underlying sarcasm was not made more obvious…

    I’ve read articles where the ‘warmist’ scientists or the ‘warmist’ media blames Global warming for the hot summer in one article at one time…
    then blames cold weather in another article in another time…
    or dry climate on one hand.. then wet climate on another…

    Like the not-so-long ago ‘worse winter ever’ storm that blew through UK during the infamous ‘Copenhagen’ meet regarding Global Warming or the Carbon Tax whatever…
    People were practically freezing to death outside while the meeting went on to discuss how to reduce global warming through higher taxes..

    I couldn’t believe someone actually tried to defend/counter the argument against GW by saying that warming weather in the southern hemisphere causes (somehow, I forgot his explanation) the colder weather/air/whatever to go to the Northern hemisphere, causing the terrible snowstorm in the UK at that time.

    This isn’t about science… it’s politics and it’s all about the money, ultimately.

  6. Simon Thong Says:

    well, too many people have jumped onto the bandwagon..

  7. clovis Says:

    Global warming can be mitigated…..if the heifer ,Gore, stops “farting”.

  8. Scott Thong, Leading Malaysian Neocon | weehingthong Says:

    […] No, Sir, Non-existant Global Warming Does Not Cause More Tornados […]

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