Global Warming Causes Poor Government Management of Dengue

First blaming global warming for local mud at Gurney Drive, flooding, flowers losing smell, now this:

Global warming may be cause of sharp rise in dengue cases: Liow

BENTONG: Global warming and changing weather patterns appear to have led to an “alarming” rise in dengue cases and deaths in the region.

“Singapore, Vietnam and Thailand are seeing an increase in dengue cases, as well. This could be due to the rainy season and global warming.

“The changing weather appears to cause the mosquitoes to breed faster,” he said.

As a result, public cooperation was vital in the fight against the disease, he said.

“The ministry cannot fight this war alone. We need the concerted effort of everyone to reduce the number of dengue deaths,” he said.

The death toll from dengue cases this year, as of Sunday, had already hit 100 compared to 67 last year, said Liow.

“During the same period last year, there were 29,183 reported cases. This year, we’re already up to 31,375 cases. The situation now is really alarming,” he told reporters after launching the second Bentong Health Carnival Sunday.

He urged the public to give its full cooperation to the ministry’s gotong-royong programmes to combat dengue.

Have a local problem that you’re handling poorly? Blame global warming!

Suddenly you’re not at fault anymore, it’s the Gaia-hating emissions of the USA at fault!

It’s sheer genius!!!

10 Responses to “Global Warming Causes Poor Government Management of Dengue”

  1. Zack T Says:

    It’s almost an oxymoron…

    “This could be due to the rainy season and global warming.”


  2. Dan Says:

    Hi, I came across your blog and thought you might like this initiative we are running; “Make Your Blog Carbon Neutral”.

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  3. Simon Thong Says:

    The guy is desperate to blame something for the rise in dengue cases..

  4. olionda Says:

    The m`sian health ministry is a cursed one.

  5. Justin Says:

    Well, it’s the lazy, power-hungry Liow, what else does everyone expect?

  6. bingo Says:

    “On Sunday, Segambut Member of Parliament Lim Lip Eng lodged a police report against Liow’s wife Datin Seri Lee Sun Loo pertaining to allegations in the unsigned letter that she received a multi-purpose vehicle from a company often involved in the ministry’s projects.

    In Kuala Lumpur, Liow rebutted the allegation that his wife had received the multi-purpose vehicle as a birthday gift from a winning tender, describing it as “political assassination”.

    The newly-elected MCA deputy-president, also lodged a police report today against a blog ( that posted the allegations of corruption against him.”

  7. Mad Bluebird Says:

    Global warming is cuased by the HOT AIR from AL GORE and the iidots from GREENPEACE and varoius other eco-wacko groups of green liars

  8. Objective Scrutator Says:

    Psh, this type of argument is what I’ve come to expect from idiot manchildren Marxists who refuse to accept personal responsibility.

    You can clearly see a correlation between belief in global warming and support for universal healthcare for this hatred of responsibility. Why do liberals hate accepting responsibility for anything?

    Maybe they hate personal responsibility because it’s one of Glenn Beck’s 12 principles. Liberals would rather spend the rest of their lives in an Iron Maiden than actually admit Glenn Beck was right on something.

    I also believe that Al Gore should be tried for fraud. Surely the 6th District could convict him of that?

  9. Objective Scrutator Says:

    “Hi, I came across your blog and thought you might like this initiative we are running; “Make Your Blog Carbon Neutral”

    It’s a shame his blog got banned. Too many Hippies probably fell for it, and complained to WordPress as a result.

  10. Scott Thong, Leading Malaysian Neocon | weehingthong Says:

    […] Global Warming Causes Poor Government Management of Dengue […]

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