Namewee’s Video Blasting Racism = Racism?

From The Star 2 Sept 2010:

Learn from Namewee controversy, says Khairy

KOTA BARU: The controversy over the video clip by rapper Wee Meng Chee or Namewee should be a lesson on the need to exercise restraint when commenting on racially-sensitive issues.

Umno Youth chief Khairy Jama­luddin said the rapper did not seem to have learned from a previous controversy he was embroiled in.

“We forgave him before and thought that he had changed when he returned to Malaysia.

“We have tolerated a lot but when the insult is too blatant, the time has come for stern action,” he told reporters after a meeting with Kota Baru Umno Youth chief Rosmadi Ismail here on Tuesday night.

Police recorded Namewee’s statement to facilitate investigations into the video clip which allegedly contained racial slurs.

Namewee created a controversy in 2007 while in Taiwan with his infamous national anthem rap.

Urging police to speed up their investigations, Khairy, who is the Rembau MP, said what the rapper had done was unacceptable in a multiracial society and that the issue should be dealt with swiftly.

“If there are racist statements from anyone, police and the prosecutor should act swiftly or else they can cause further damage,” he said.

Khairy also refuted claims that the Malays were too sensitive, saying “we have in fact tolerated a lot of things.”

MIC Youth chief T. Mohan also called on the Government to conduct a proper investigation into the latest video clip by Wee.

“If it is found that Namewee had hurt the feelings of other races, then we fully support punitive action against him,” he said in a statement.

Racism? Really?

Via i call it art:

F*CK Racism Malaysia / NAH!

This song, I write for all haters of Chinese.
F*ck racism.
F*ck you.

Nah. Siti Inshah. Nah, sucks banana.
Nah KPM nah. Nah, kurang ajar.
Nah. Siti Inshah. Nah, sucks banana.
Nah KPM nah nah. Diam diam lah.

[Verse 1]
Ada satu orang cacat namanya Siti.
Tapi Siti Inshah bukan Siti Nurhariza.
Dia surah orang Cina semua balik Cina.
Dia tolong promote kapal terbang Air Asia.
Ei guru besar, you otak sudah rosak.
You tak baca? Siapa buat Malaysia kaya?
Oh! buku sejarah takde tulis lah.
Tapi ada Internet mah.
You tengok you porn saja har?
Haha! Siapa kasi dia jadi guru besar?
Haha! Siapa ajar dia mulut macam lampa?
Haha! Siapa cakap semua orang mesti puasa?
KPM har? Atau tourism Malaysia?
Wa pun ada kawan baik orang Melayu.
Wa pun suka minum sirap bandung.
Tapi sekarang we mahu cakap dengan you.
Wa orang pendatang?
You betul PengKONGKAM lah!

[chorus] x 2

Racism? Where? Apart from the focus of the song bashing a known racist, Siti Inshah. With the major difference being no one forces you to watch Namewee’s online videos, whereas The High and Mighty Inshah shoved her bigoted views down the throats of a captive student audience.

But according to your UMNOpocrite betters, Namewee is the racist here who deserves to be investigated and punished for disturbing racial harmony.

Siti Inshah? Transferred to another school, which no doubt is thrilled to receive such an infamous and unrepentant Little Big Fat Napoleon.

Just like that time several newspapers were issued warnings for reporting Ahmad Ismail’s blatant racism, and one reporter was detained under the ISA. Yes folks, reporting on racist remarks is the real racism! So of course mocking a racist is the real racism!

Ahmad Ismail himself? Just 3 months suspension from his political party, not even a ban or a fine or an arrest – nor even an apology! After all, why apologize when the reporters were the ones really at fault for reporting his racist remarks?

So do you want to know the real status of 1Malaysia, muhibbah and all that jazz? Just look at the still-prevailing double standards trotted out every day by our UMNO-supremacist political role models.


See also previous ‘controversy’ with Namewee’s rapping, Youtube Video Warning For Namewee (Negarakuku).


3 Responses to “Namewee’s Video Blasting Racism = Racism?”

  1. wits0 Says:

    “..Namewee had hurt the feelings of other races” – Curry

    Maybe 3 deserving persons.

    What’s that compared with 53 years of blanket rhetorical insults by his Party leaders via the MSM, now and then, including that of his own previously?

  2. Simon Thong Says:

    MCA wants to lynch him..

  3. wits0 Says:

    ‘MCA wants to lynch him..” – Simon

    CSL wants to make him a sacrificial appeasement offering to umno.

    According to the former, he helped the later regarding the first “infraction” but according to the revelation of CSL’s ex-Cabinet colleague, Alakazam, it was CSL who wanted NameWee crucified.

    Who can believe this soiled and tainted one?!

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