PM Najib: Trust the Notoriously Biased Mainstream Media

From The Star 3 Sep 2010:

Public should trust the mainstream media: Najib

KUALA LUMPUR: The public should trust the mainstream media as it is fact-based, compared to the opinion-based alternative media, said Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

The Prime Minister said some of the articles published on the alternative media, such as websites and blogs, were “half truths and inaccurate”.

“The mainstream media has one strength which cannot be found in the alternative media, and that is the mainstream media can be considered fact-based.

“If we read the mainstream media, we intuitively regard it as an authoritative report, where its facts cannot be questioned,” he said at a breaking of fast ceremony at the New Straits Times Press headquarters here Thursday.

“There must be a discerning public who can see the strength of the mainstream media,” he added

Should you believe this?

One simple test.

Look back at the 2008 Bersih rallies – how they were almost non-reported by the mainsteam media. Look at the way police tactics were described versus pictures before your lying eyes.

Look at the non-coverage a massive 20,000 person rally for Anwar Ibrahim received. Look at what happened to a newspaper that actually dared to publish a front-page story on Black 14.

Look at the way mainstream newspaper Utusan Melayu continually provokes violence and engages in blatant race baiting. And then blames alternative media Malaysiakini as the true troublemaking culprit.

Look at any major event embarrassing to the UMNOputra dominated government, and judge for yourself whether the mainstream media or the alternative media is full of half-truths, inaccuracy and opinions.

One Response to “PM Najib: Trust the Notoriously Biased Mainstream Media”

  1. Nasaei Ahmad Says:

    As a result of its own crafted works, lies, distorted news… many people no longer believe in sycophant media anymore. Their sales are downed. No public confidence in them.

    So..They face crisis of confidence now..Padan muka !

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