Datuk Chua Soi Lek Agrees That Online Fools Your Lying Eyes

I’d just like to note where Datuk Chua’s sex scandal broke, it wasn’t through online first so he should be totally unbiased with his remarks below!

From The Star 6 Sep 2010:

Chua: Not all news is true

CAMERON HIGHLANDS: People should be critical enough not to accept everything that is reported online as all the information need not necessarily be true, said MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek.

“It is important for people to differentiate the truths, half-truths and what is a complete lie,” he said.
Welcome: Chua being greeted upon arrival before opening the Perak Cadre training in Cameron Highlands yesterday.

Dr Chua, who is Perak MCA chairman, was commenting on Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak’s statement that the public should trust the mainstream media as its reports are based on facts compared to the alternative media that is based on opinions.

Dr Chua was speaking to reporters after closing a cadre training for Perak MCA members and division leaders yesterday.

On claims by opposition parties that the Government was practising double standards in handling the issues of two principals who made racists remarks on students and the subsequent controversial video clip by Namewee on YouTube, Dr Chua said police should investigate the principals on whether they had committed sedition.

“Only then will the Government be seen as acting fairly and impartially. There should not be a dichotomy system. Civil servants are equally liable and subject to the same law,” he added.

Dr Chua, however, admitted that the case of the principals was complicated as they are government servants.

The Education Ministry had on Thursday announced that the matter had been passed to the Public Service Department to handle.

On the cadre training, Dr Chua said it was the first training for party members and it would continue until the general election.

“The model used to train members is new as the old model is no longer relevant in the current political climate,” he said.

For the rest of the online vs mainstream media argument, see previous post PM Najib: Trust the Notoriously Biased Mainstream Media.

And see Namewee’s Video Blasting Racism = Racism? for the other thing he’s talking about.

2 Responses to “Datuk Chua Soi Lek Agrees That Online Fools Your Lying Eyes”

  1. Simon Thong Says:

    Dr Chua, caught in the act, accusing the online press? People in hotel room about to be immoral should only undress in the dark.

  2. hutchrun Says:

    Chua is upgraded to deeper cow pats now:

    “It means that, for whatever his reasons, Najib is still unwilling to discard ketuanan Melayu. Yet we have Soi Lek insisting that Umno has never believed in Malay supremacy. This is now proven to be a bare-faced lie. Not only has Soi Lek failed to represent the views of the Chinese community, he has even lied to them for the sake of helping Umno to retain power and this is totally unacceptable. It is time for them to take stock of themselves and what is happening to Malaysia.”

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