KL to Send Likely 9/11 Truthers to Make Islam Look Better in America

From The Star 27 Sep 2010:

Saifuddin: KL prepared to send experts to counter Islamophobia in US

TEMERLOH: The Higher Education Ministry is prepared to send lecturers who are experts in Islamic studies to explain the religion so as to check Islamophobia in the United States and other parts of the world.

Its Deputy Minister Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah said the country had many experts in the field who could correct the misconception about Islam among Americans and other Westerners.

In fact, he said, many lecturers from Malaysia were once lecturers or guest lecturers at foreign universities.

“Whether Islamophobia is deliberately created by the West or they simply fail to understand the religion, it is important for us to correct the misconception about Islam.

“Otherwise, Islamphobia will create problems, especially for companies owned or products produced by Muslims, which may be feared or turned away by the West,” he told reporters after attending a Hari Raya open house in Kampung Lebak Seberang, here, yesterday.

He was earlier asked to comment on Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak’s willingness to send experts in Islamic studies to correct misconception about Islam among Americans and Westerners, which he expressed during his meeting with US president Barack Obama in New York recently.

Saifuddin said Islamophobia, which was prejudice against or an irrational fear of Islam and Muslims, had become a phenomenon in the United States since the Sept 11, 2001 attack.

He is worried that Islamophobia will continue to prevail and become a threat to Muslims all over the world, including those studying in institutions in western countries.

“Our experts are qualified as we have the experience of administering a country which is multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multi-religious like the US,” said Saifuddin. — Bernama

Did you know that the main person at the centre of the Ground Zero Mosque controversy is Imam – and that he believes that America brought the 9/11 attacks on itself? And that one of his close compatriots believes Bush did 9/11 himself? Yes, that IS a sticking point with most Americans.

So how helpful do you really think it will be to send over our local lecturers and experts – considering that most likely they wholehearted believe that Bush planned 9/11 (among other odd things Malaysians are indoctrinated into)? Hey, even our former PM does!

Yeah, I’m sure an honest and open sharing of their views will result in LESS conflict involving Islam in America.

They don’t get it, or rather they choose not to get it – non-Muslims aren’t the main culprits giving Islam a bad name.

You want to stop ‘Islamophobia’ in the West? Then do something about terrorists killing Muslims and nonMuslims in the name of Islam, imams boasting that they will conquer Rome, everyday Muslims calling America and Israel all sorts of slanderous things, Muslims showing no regard whatsoever for the feelings of 9/11 victims families, and of course – pundits calling every valid concern of ordinary Americans ‘Islamophobia’.

Fix the reality, and that will improve the message.

See Analogy Zero and Bush Is Teh Roxxor Genius For Planning 9/11 for more on these topics.

38 Responses to “KL to Send Likely 9/11 Truthers to Make Islam Look Better in America”

  1. kahkahkahkah Says:

    “I’m the head coach of this strategic initiative, and the President of the United States, or the President of Malaysia, or the President of England, is a player to bring in for particular plays” -Imam Rauf

    The chasm between Islam and Jahiliyyah is great, and a bridge is not to be built across it so that the people on the two sides may mix with each other, but only so that the people of Jahiliyyah may come over to Islam. Sayyid Qutb, Milestones, 263.

  2. kahkahkahkah Says:

    Najib is Imam Rauf Rauf woof woof`s tool:

  3. kahkahkahkah Says:

    Soon in the US:

    Watching Turkey revert back to the sharia and pure Islam is a history lesson, deja vu on steroids. Last week, gangs of several dozen men, armed with with bats, sticks and pepper spray, attacked overflow crowds attending the opening of an art gallery exhibition. The title of the gallery’s exhibition is: “I didn’t do this, you did.”


  4. hornbill Says:

    “KL to Send Likely 9/11 Truthers to Make Islam Look Better in America”

    Making silk purses out of sows ears

  5. farid Says:

    Farid Ghadry has a great short piece about how President Obama is being repaid for the arrogance with which he has treated foreign leaders. Here’s the punch line.

    “As Obama loses his luster, he is quickly finding out that his elitist and acrimonious personality is pressing him against the wall. A lame duck president after only 2 years at the White House? Unheard of in US politics.”

  6. farid Says:

  7. farid Says:

  8. stromboli Says:

    Is the World tiring of the ‘Palestinians’?

    Empty seats when the terrorist speaks

  9. stromboli Says:

    Remember the al-Arabiya survey a couple of months ago that showed that 71% of the respondents did not follow the ‘Palestinian question’ anymore? Could it be that it’s not just the Arabs who are no longer interested in the ‘Palestinians’? Could it be that the rest of the World is tired of them too? Look at all those empty seats….

  10. stripes Says:

    I very much hope that it will happen so the World can learn more about Islam

  11. stripes Says:

    Francis Bok, also a U.S. citizen, was taken by an islamic militia and made a slave at the age of seven. He speaks here at the beginning of the freedom walk to Washington, September 15, 2010.

  12. stripes Says:

    Obama appeasement may rekindle genocide

  13. stripes Says:

    Muslim Terrorist Attacks ‘Surpassed the Number and Pace of Attacks During any Year Since 9/11’
    You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality.

  14. stripes Says:

    NCTC’s Michael Leiter Tells Congress Terror Threat Is Greater Now Than Any Point Since 9/11

  15. zerohero Says:

    Is It Possible This Guy Is Upset?


  16. stileto Says:

    Progressive blogger Jane Hamsher was harsher in her criticism of Obama. “This isn’t about GOTV,” she wrote on her blog. “It’s about setting up a narrative for who will take the blame for a disastrous election. And once again, the White House doesn’t care if they make matters worse in order to deflect responsibility from Obama….”

    She said Obama was engaged in “setting up a fall guy for November. The headline should really read: Obama Distances Himself From Democratic Voters.”

  17. stileto Says:

    Obama Pleads With College Students: “Stick With Me, Change is Gonna Come”…

    Change’s twin brother Hope missing in action…


  18. westphalia Says:

    Black Panther Leader: Whites Use Black Babies As Alligator Bait…

    But don’t worry, Tea Partiers are the real racists…

    “This is what King Samir, the Philadelphia Chapter, along with the guidance and leadership of Attorney Malik Shabazz has been doing that you don’t hear about from Fox Jews, I’m sorry, Fox News.”
    “Standing up to neo-nazi groups who consistently threaten our people dead. Now most of them media blood-suckers lies at Crucifox Jews wanna talk about me killing white babies.”


    “Well, let me tell you stop jumping up and down like the devils you are, creating negative press to keep our people from joining something black and progressive. Yes, I said if you want freedom, you’re gonna have to deal with this enemy the way he brings it to us.


    You cannot tell a slave how to feel under the pressure of white supremacy.”

    “That’s right!”

    “I’m not a committer of reverse racism, I am a slave.”

    “That’s right!”

    “Born, brought stolen to the hills of North America. Let’s talk about the little black babies that YOU use as alligator bait.”

    “Ooh, That’s Right!”


  19. westphalia Says:

  20. stripes Says:

    Malaysian PM Heaps Praise on “Courageous” Obama for Condemning “Islamophobia”…

    Claiming it was a “a courageous public position,” which obviously BS, if Obama condemned the merciless persecution of Christians in Islamic countries that would be courageous…

  21. baraka Says:

    “KL to Send Likely 9/11 Truthers to Make Islam Look Better in America”

    It is better to send them to Swat Valley or Yemen or Taliban strongholds

  22. Simon Thong Says:

    Yea, see how long they remain alive in the reality of life in these places.

  23. pomegranate Says:

    Remember the Irene, the ship of self-hating Jews that was intercepted by the IDF on its way to Gaza last week? Well, here’s the sum total of the ‘humanitarian goods’ they were carrying:

  24. pomegranate Says:

    ‘Buckingham will make a beautiful mosque’

  25. ebeneezer Says:

    Ride the Islamic tiger, risk becoming cat food

  26. Raymond Ibrahim Says:

    Consider: even though sharia law promotes various troubling doctrines — the subjugation of non-Muslims and women, animosity to the non-Muslim world, even the use of deception, as in the case of the Mubarak picture — the one hope has been that only “radical” Muslims follow these mandates. And this is true, consciously speaking.

    Unconsciously, however, sharia’s teachings have become so imbedded in the Muslim psyche, permeating the worldview of all people born or bred in the Islamic world, regardless of whether they are “moderate” or “radical,” indeed, regardless of whether they are Muslim at all.

  27. baraka Says:

    An Alarming video every Westerner should see

  28. Jon Stewart Says:

    For instance, in one backyard, the home owner asked everyone to watch their step because “there might be a fresh one out there.”

    Stewart shook his head in disappointment. “You’ve taken the Presidency from Air Force One to backyard number two!”

    And it got worse. Obama’s next stop was at a classroom full of kids who were so incredibly bored by his talk, the student sitting directly in front of him let out a huge yawn.

    Stewart scolded the kids, even though he admitted Obama was not at his most riveting. “Come on!” Stewart said. “The President Of The United States is standing three feet away from your Earth Science Class!”

    But then, Obama did something that got everyone’s attention: He said he was “amused” the idea of the Rally To Restore Sanity. Stewart jumped at the chance to do his impression of Joe Pesci in “Goodfellas”:

    “Amused? I amuse you? What am I, a clown? Is that what I am to you?” Stewart mocked while revealing a pair of giant clown shoes from under his desk.

  29. Jon Stewart Says:

    Still, Stewart appreciated the name drop, even if Obama actually referred to it as, “Americans in Favor of a Return to Sanity or Something Like That.”

  30. Christopher Rosen Says:

    Meanwhile, Stephen Colbert is still holding out hope that John Boehner endorses his “March to Keep Fear Alive” event on the same day.

  31. tangerang Says:

    Last Friday, the FBI raided the homes of several Far Left ‘activists’ who have ties to Colombia’s FARC terrorist organization and to radical Islamist groups. One of those whose home was raided, and who was arrested, was Hatem Abudayyeh, a man who received $457,000 in government money, and who has been a visitor to the Obama White House.


  32. milochka Says:

    It’s what you deserve, Frenchmen; good God, didn’t you see it coming? Weren’t you the ones who shaped today with your very own hands? Now you live in what
    you have created because there is a God.

    Five hundred years under the Ottoman Empire! You didn’t know what a scourge the Ottoman Empire was; you didn’t know how much Serb blood was shed to vanquish it. And very few years after the Serbs returned to the banks of the Sitnica River, they were again expelled! Adolf Hitler was the new Bayazit;
    did you humane Europeans forget about him? Who among those of you that applauded the bombing of Belgrade so much as heard in school that it was none other than Hitler who toppled Serb Peter II and pushed Kosovo into the hands of Albanian Zog I as a gift?


  33. Lakers Says:

  34. Lakers Says:


  35. hocus pocus Says:

    Later, during a question-and-answer session, Dr Mahathir said he had doubts that the collapse of the World Trade Centre in New York was actually caused by terrorists crashing planes into the towers.

    He said the buildings had collapsed in an orderly manner with such military precision that it all seemed well planned.

    “I can believe that they (the United States) would kill 3,000 of their own to have an excuse to kill 650,000 Iraqis. These are the kind of people we are dealing with. Please don’t think this is fiction.”

  36. baraka Says:

    Asim Qureshi calls on Muslims to support the murderers of American troops. And he is surprised and incensed that America doesn’t want to let him in.
    It’s the height of Islamist arrogance.

  37. black karma Says:

    Instant Karma’s Gonna Get You
    Presidential seal falls off podium as Obama speaks My Way hat tip Armaros

    WASHINGTON (AP) – The presidential seal has fallen off President Barack Obama’s podium and clattered to the stage as Obama delivered a speech to a women’s conference.

  38. milochka Says:

    The developers behind the proposed mosque and cultural center near Ground Zero are blasting a $350 million lawsuit filed by a 9/11 first responder as “blind bigotry.”

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