MCA: Down with Racist Leaders and Religious Intolerance

Vote them out eh? Funny, didn’t happen to Ahmad ‘Pendatang’ Ismail… Or the other members of the UMNO gang. Or the religious pressuring.

From The Star 10 Oct 2010:

Delegates want racist leaders voted out

KUALA LUMPUR: Racist leaders – regardless of their positions – must be “voted out” and not be given a platform to expound their extreme views.

MCA Youth delegate Tan Chee Hiong said one way was to mobilise Youth members to the constituencies of such leaders to make sure these people lose in the election.

“We will bring you down, boycott and reject you. We want them to know that there is no platform for them to promote racism,” he said during debate time.

The Kedah MCA Youth representative also highlighted the challenges faced by the Chinese community in the PAS-ruled state. For instance, he said the Chinese community could not understand the messages on the advertisement billboards as they were written in Jawi.

Tan claimed that business owners were also forced to use Jawi on their billboards or their licences would not be approved.

“The Chinese community is ‘dying’ in Kedah. We hope the party leaders can do something to help us and not let us ‘die’ in silence there,” he added.

Chen Wee Kong, a delegate from Johor, said the Government’s image was marred by the “inaction” against the two principals and the National Civics Bureau assistant director who were alleged to have made racist remarks.

Another delegate, Lee Tick Wah from Selangor, said many had asked why MCA continued to stay as a component party in Barisan Nasional.

“It is because MCA is being responsible to the Chinese community. We want to remain in the coalition to ensure the interests of the community are protected.”

From The Star 11 Oct 2010:

MCA wants zero tolerance for racist remarks

MCA condemns organisations or individuals who utter racist and extremist remarks that cause racial and religious disharmony.

The party also wants the Government to strengthen religious education to strengthen understanding and respect for all religions.

This is among the 14 resolutions passed at the 57th annual general meeting here yesterday.

The AGM also supported the Government’s efforts – through the Committee for the Understanding and Harmony Among Religious Adherents – to implement an open, moderate and inclusive policy in matters relating to religion.

“This is to ensure that the policy is in consonance with the fundamental right of freedom of religion as enshrined in the Federal Consti-tution,” it said.

Some of the other resolutions express full support for:

> THE leadership of party president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek and deputy president Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai. All members have been urged to put their differences aside and unite for the challenges ahead.

> THE “Eight-Point Action Plan for the 13th general election” as formulated by the MCA central leadership to ensure victory in the election.

> THE 1Malaysia concept and implementation of the National Integrity Agenda.

> “THE condemnation of Pakatan Rakyat for creating rift and hatred among the rakyat.

The assembly also fully endorsed the 13 Declarations resolved during the Chinese Economic Congress held on Aug 14.

Imagine that, Pakatan Rakyat must have been spouting lots of racist stuff – even more than the UMNO gang – that somehow didn’t make it to the papers all this while. The MSM must be Opposition controlled! /sarc

From The Star 11 Oct 2010:

Najib and Dr Chua want politicians to get over ‘pendatang’ issue

KUALA LUMPUR: Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek took aim at racist politicians by condemning their brand of opportunistic politics, especially on the “pendatang” issue.

The Prime Minister, addressing the almost 2,000 people at the MCA annual general assembly, said Malaysian Chinese were not immigrants and had been loyal to the nation for the past three to five generations.

The MCA president in his speech pointed out that the younger generation wanted to be treated as equal citizens and “do not expect to have to be grateful because their parents were granted citizenship”.

The two leaders also touched on the role of MCA, with Najib saying that the party must become a bigger champion of the Chinese community.

Other developments:

> Najib says Umno and Barisan Nasional will allow MCA more space to highlight the needs and problems of the Chinese community.

> Dr Chua says on certain occasions MCA’s stand will be different from that of Umno’s as it needs to articulate the interest of all races, but this did not mean the party is being disloyal to Barisan Nasional.

> Dr Chua has called on the Government not to make flip-flop decisions by arbitrarily suspending the recruitment of foreign workers and also called for a minimum wage policy for certain sectors, where locals were earning less than RM700.

With all this coming from MCA, no wonder that reassurances have to be given that MCA is still loyal to BN.

Who knows, if MCA finally reforms it might do better than their dismal 2008 results:


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